HE is the way – Yumihari First impressions

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  1. I love how he had absolutely no reaction for spliting Wichita in to two pieces lol

  2. At this point just play the superior battlecruiser Amagi

  3. The line should be an AP focused glass cannon, but its unfortunately a HE ship doing consistent damage while forcing you to aim around the broken aiming system only able to punish broadsides at 10km while also overmatching with HE into cruisers. Yep, wonderful ship to play 😀

    • Bastian Kreutzburg

      Nah PQ is just a little weird regarding this bb. No clue why he gives so bad advice while I averaged around 160k in 30+ games with ap

  4. PQ: “HE is the way”
    Everyone: Always has been

  5. I do think there’s a need to jump through any hoops. They’re just not that good. Tier 8 and 9 are worse to make you free xp to 10.

  6. Problem with the t8 is it uses the 410’s which don’t have reliable he or AP, but the AP is better with the 410’s.. yes the dropping short bug is a problem,and yes it is a bug, but when it doesn’t bug AP slaps.

  7. I would like to see you play the Viribus unitis. If you would even play that thing that is.

  8. To be fair, all the Japanese BB’s have higher than average HE alpha. That was the original IJN thing back in 2015, all three lines had higher HE alpha than the other nations (before British BB’s and CA’s powercreeped it). Compare it to American 457 mm HE alpha and you’ll see the difference.

    • That was more due to the fact that IJN BBs and USN BBs were the only BBs back then. Any differences between the two lines looked like those were specialties. I remember IJN BBs having comparatively viable secondary builds for the sole reason of having secondary guns that weren’t gimped as hard as those of the USN BBs.

  9. So it seems like the AP feels exactly like German Cruiser AP, looks good on paper, but needs like a seriously flat broadside to be able to bite and do damage. And if the armor is too thick, well you get disappointed.

  10. The AP on this line feels like Colombo AP. If you are getting cits it is worth it, but if you are not don’t bother using it.

  11. Hi PQ! I love your content. I did a little shell comparison with shiptool and noticed some mature differences in the weight of the shells:
    Bungo 457: 1130 kg. Vermont 457: 1746 kg. Montana 406 1225 kg. Repu 431 1321 kg. Preussen 457: 1464 kg. St Vincent 457: 1506 kg.
    Yumihari 410: 870 kg.
    Its like Wichita 118 kg vs Balti 152 kg super heavies

  12. Play the Grozovoi! It is gonna be my first T10. I’m free-xping through the Udaloi lol

  13. The lower shell weight is what brings the penetration and alpha damage down compared to the mainline JP BB’s, the Krupp value is the same. Same reason American shells are so useful at range despite being low velocity, they’re heavy af.

  14. Crazy how the turrets get knocked out on this ship, because it’s heavily armored. In the 500s for face plate!

  15. PanzerElite_Born2compete

    Hey PQ I saw your not running the mod that shows you how much you heal. They’ve updated it to where you can turn off the stupid white circles that show up with the heal is full. I know I hated that

  16. Really appreciate all these reviews. The follow-up to me with each new premium ship, aside from just the ‘variety’ or ‘collector’ angle, is if I have time for just a few games each evening would I go for this ship? Is it a better choice than Alabama, Massachusetts, Kii, Vanguard, Flandre, etc?

  17. The Amagi/Nagato 410 mm is about the most accurate and hardest hitting battleship AP in their tiers. (Except for the Russians, of course.) So I guess they have to change it up somehow. Not too impressive. If I manage to gather enough chrysanthemums tokens in the ordinary course of play to get it for free I’ll play it a bit.
    As you noted on stream today, Tier VIII is a bit rough these days, mostly up-tiered.

  18. Also, it is a 410 with the damage of UK 381 mm.

  19. I think the Yumihari is an ok battleship and can perform well in certain situations, but it’s not the “oh wow I can dev strike anything with amazing accuracy” ship that it was hyped up to be. The real reason to get the Yumi is the amazing community contributed artistic camo. 😉

  20. This line looks like trading pen and damage for accuracy, in most scenarios I saw, other BBs would have citadel’d or at least dealt 15k dmg and this line just shatters

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