Head over Keels: Friend or Foe | World of Warships

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Sometimes attacking ships randomly is not the best tactics. What could happen if your own “Friend or For” system would malfunction?

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  2. World of Warships Official Channel

    Don’t try this at home, guys!
    With current anti-abuse system you’ll get warning when you attack ally’s ship!:)
    What do you think about new episode?

  3. SCHEIßE!!!!

  4. StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

    Our allies attack us, and the enemy protect us, so we attack the enemy who protect us. 😀
    True luck the british planes realized the situation just in time. 🙂

  5. Well, that was confusing.

  6. And that’s why the Alternate battle interface, as well as a ton of other settings should be enabled by default. There’s less uncertainty.

  7. Ah, one of hundreds of stories of the incompetency of the British Royal Air Force

    • rly nis Why? Not that I’m going to, I’m just curious.

    • “only single handedly defeated the luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain” except they got carried throught that battle by foreign regiments…. but yeah “single handedly”

    • MehrumesDagon The squadrons of foreign pilots were operating under the RAF. Why is this so difficult for people to understand? My comment wasn’t about British pilots, it was about the RAF and EVERYONE in it.

    • asaeampan Oh, the irony.

  8. How about you give us some german stories for a change huh

    • Francisco DeTonne

      How about WG give us a Naval Legend of a GERMAN warship???
      Avoiding Nazi boats is one thing but the Kaiserliche Marine *was* a real thing!
      The captain of Adm. Graf Spee was *the* man
      Bismarck put up one hell of a fight
      The whole (legendary) fleet battle of Jutland is always worth covering!!!

    • Francisco DeTonne does it matter if its a Ww2 German ship

    • What about Operation Wikinger. That story only involves Germans

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      You can add The Emdem of ww1!!

    • You do realise that all of the Naval Legends they’d done thus far involve either actual museum ships or actual physical display right?

      The only reference to a surviving Kriegsmarine surface combatant I could find is S-130 and that’s a E-Boat (Torpedo BOAT) held in a private collection.

  9. the fuhrer epicness

    Maybe you should fly your nation flag

    • I kind of doubt anyone could see a flag from 2,000 feet in the air. The IJN did got around it by making giant red circles on their flight decks and pagoda like masts that could still be recognizable in the air, but… it made for great markers for the US pilots as well.

  10. Promo to Squadron Leader.
    Failed to recognizes own allies and almost bomb them.
    *[insert Bad Luck Brian meme]*

  11. Yeah I got my butt get attack by planes in the game from a friendly carrier and torpedo from my allies

  12. Just like the swordfish torpedo bombers attacking the hms Sheffield durring the Bismarck chase that would be a good one for head over keels

  13. The Great Micheal Wittman Himself

    1:22 the face you make when you sit with your parents and they start suddenly to yell at you

  14. Good video! But reading the comments i feel ashamed. So many mouth-warriors with half-truths, bragging with deeds their grand-grandfathers did.

    To the Germans: the RAF aborted this attack in time – different than the Luftwaffe which around the same time of the year actually managed to sink two of their own destroyers.

    To the Brits: the RAF didn´t “single handedly defeat the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain” – it was benefited by the fact that the battle was over British soil. Every British pilot that got shot down was picked up by allies and put in service again while a downed German pilot was lost for good. Also, the RAF had the luxury of support by AA on the ground.

  15. The fluffy bear gaming

    This kinda happened to me…I was playing kaga then I turned to get my cookies that were next to me…then my cat stumbled on my keyboard and it hit my mouse….my torpedo bombers droped the torps some where random……..boom!!!I (my cat) sunk an allied bismark! Oh…no…what would he do if he finds me…

  16. I love the quality of the animation.

  17. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

    the guys on those destroyers should thank the Luftwaffe, I guess.

  18. I think this episode should become a scenario, where you cannot identify any ship without looking at the ship it self. There would be no identifying marker over the ship to know where they are. It would make the scenario more interesting in a storm like in hermes. It would be an interesting scenario. The scenario would also have no friendly fire and you don’t get the anti-abuse system in that operation. Just something I thought would be fun to try.

  19. none of your business

    Or just be the USS William D Porter and always shoot at your friends.

  20. Love these comic/animation style videos! Keep’em coming! 🙂

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