Heartpounding Cruiser Action || World of Warships

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Heartpounding Action ||
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  1. Hello. Can anyone tell me how to turn on this indicator showing how many shells penetrated an enemy how many exploded and how many bounced? I have only this basic one showing all hits but without grouping it. I will be grateful for advice 🙂

  2. Moskva is Fucking Battelship

  3. Same as my team.but mine was far worse,bbs show their boardside when they could avoid it,bbs never try to rush into the cap even though enemy dd has only 1k hp left

  4. Odd for a Moscow too not be full anti aircraft build , that might have saved him at the end we’ll never know

  5. Could have saved 25k hp or so focusing on the Des Moines a lot earlier instead of tunnelling on the Iowa.    Might have come in handy later.

  6. thx for lost 16 min

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