Heavy Fights & Yorktowns Everywhere – World of Warships

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WG decided to release brand new CV which is supposed to be focused on support roles, so they gave it smoke screens which can be deployed via airplanes. These smokes are a lot more powerful then I thought.

If they allow this in competitive gameplay, we could be seeing some serious funny things.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. @Kurosaki990Ichigo

    Man its a joy to watch you play

  2. when you died, Looking at the small map, with 2 to 1, Where is your team? I dont think 1/2 of them can see a target.

  3. next is a dd with 18 inch guns and radar with smoke screen with a 1.2 mil health pool.

  4. @cycantystresowy4640

    8:41 Most epic moment ive seen in entire replays history of WoWs.

  5. Universal warship: does every single mission as well as cargo carrying for SpaceX to Mars

  6. @rizkisoekartono454

    Man I got AA Defense Expert 3 times this week for downing Yorktown planes from Des Moines, Mecklenburg and Incomparable. That’s my most earned achievement streak ever in this game 😂

  7. At 1:03 did those Yorktown planes just drop a smoke?

  8. I saw you load in with Kitakazi, and thought that this was going to be the match that Jingles just published this morning. I was 100% going to make sure to give you a full vid watch, like, and a comment. I love watching you play this game!!! I hope you have a great day, Flambino!!!

  9. Your comment “every ship has everything” is on point. I think they should release a sandbox mode. Like this Halloween mode? Where you choose from different armament. But this time more open. That you can build your own ship. Every weapon has advantages and disadvantages. Of course with some restrictions like you cant mount a 406mm gun on a small stealthy dd ship. You can choose your own equipment. This would be a more honest gameplay because now wargaming already building fantasy ships

  10. The way this game is going i am just waiting for a russian DD with 16 508 mm guns with 1,0 sigma and 3 sec reload, 20 km shima torps that goes 150 knots, 15 km radar that lasts 15 min and 15 min smokescreen and 80 knots speed. It wouldnt surprise me…..

  11. The only things they didn’t do of what you said at the beginning are carriers with torpedo launchers and subs with planes (*TBA) 😂

  12. Intention: A CV line geared towards supporting the team.
    Implementation: Herpaderp
    Result: CVs with their own instant smokescreens.

  13. To the person in the Twitch chat that said hybrid BBs were a bad idea and Japan realized that…
    Japan didn’t build their hybrid BBs as dedicated attack platforms. They were converted to transport aircraft to distant island outposts since IJN carriers were scarce and not intended to be used as plane ferries. The idea was for the hybrid BB to get close enough to the Japanese island outpost for its planes to land and replenish the airfield while the hybrid BB could defend itself in principle. There was back peddling done by IJN High Command and they forced the hybrid BBs into combat missions they had no business being in. This isn’t a fault of the design of the hybrid BB, but the mission planners.
    The converted Yamato class hull into the carrier Shinano was the final expression of the IJN’s desperate need to have a way of moving a good amount of planes without using aviation fuel. The Shinano was a large carrier aircraft ferry with no real intent of strike or offensive capabilities. It was a plane transport of giant size that was meant to ferry planes to awaiting strike carriers or airfields.

  14. 5:45 satisfying moment

  15. Everything mentioned at about 0:40 is in fact historical. Not joking.

  16. they already released the Tromp and it has birds.

  17. Underwater CVs with 18″ main guns and torps, and nuclear missiles

  18. There needs to be a class that is designed only to hunt CVs and subs. They would have a .1 km detect, be armed with torps that do 40k per hit and travel at 100km. Also the class travels at 80kts. Oh and it has auto plane based ASW with infinite range and reload.

  19. CVs that can launch their own torps?! Jesus, Flambass, don’t give WG any ideas!!!! 😮

  20. Probably the best torp dodge, I have seen!

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