Hector 6 Kills 168k damage | World of Warships Gameplay

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Hector 6 Kills 168k damage
✅ Link to Replay: https://mecareplays.com/replay/4033 ✅
Cruiser Hector 6 Kills & 168k Damage
About the Warship: In 1936, Great Britain started designing a cruiser based on a smaller version of the hull of Southampton-class cruisers. As a result, the Fiji-class ships were developed, but if Great Britain had decided to build full-sized AA defense cruisers, a project could have been implemented that embodied an AA defense cruiser based on the hull of a Belfast-class ship.

-Map: Shatter
-Mode: Random Battle
-Player: Maukadragon
-Kills: 6 Ships
-Players of my team: Maukadragon, psinned, Harley35, Secede_Texas, OHIOcincinnati, tkso3383, lanklk, Slep5252, TooMuch_WaifuRuins_Laifu, oldmanchild, JoseL18, JamesGang
-Players of the enemy team: Firestorm79, SpankyWankyy, ValiantVic, CCalice, DrNugg, JJMontyJR, ericjohn777, JackyKit1516, ToxicCr0pDust3r, Herman_lhm, Libratone_bird, Davan89
-Damage caused: 168k
-Version: 12.11.1

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