Henri iv 3074 base xp || World of Warships

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    U ju primer comentario ^-^

  2. What a Hindenburg, so many ways top easily win that engagement

  3. le phoenix d'or écarlate

    a les français ils sont dangereux quand ont nous croire faibles

  4. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I thought in French Destroyer was “Contre-torpilleur” or something like that Not sure tho :/

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan That’s true but destroyer ( English word) is also widely used ( I am French).

    • That depends. If it’s just a torpedo boat it’s ” torpilleur ” ; ” contre-torpilleur ” is for the ship that kill the ” torpilleur ” .

  5. Recently found another youtuber like yourself, (Fleet of Fog) and they’ve started doing something that I wish others would do. They fast-forward (3-4 times speed) the terribly boring parts (like the 2 minutes of nothingness at the beginning of every round) of the video.
    Would you consider doing that as well?

  6. John Chucky Tomlinson

    I love how he torped, from his weak side witch was his Portside, than held the strong side torps, for the close in engagement.. That was on the Starboard side, smart play and really good map and situational awareness.. GG….🚢

  7. NOOB Hindenburg play spotted …

  8. je stop a 16min avant la fin ….. franchement balancer toutes les vidéos c bien mais montrer une tanche pareille c nul on a pas besoin de plus de camper en fond de map
    NUL -1

  9. Torpille po po torpille bu bu

  10. please install skip intro button

  11. Remember when a Minotaur shooting from the smoke was scary? Nice “blind” shot into there for the triple-citadel kill. That’s pro status.

  12. Mmmm, hindy engagement was sloppy. Post torps, no reason to close. Hindy reload is known (IT IS KNOWN!), so henny needed to turn and kit after taking that broadside. No reason to be within secondary range, no reason to close with a target you’ve already torped.

    Certainly skilled, had lots of luck.

  13. ap cancer….

  14. smoking killed that 2nd minotaur

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