Henri IV highest damage on EU || World of Warships

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IV highest damage on
Player: Bendeguz_HUN Ship: Henri : Warriors Path

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  1. That Montana player… Hid at the back, repaired a single fire, gave broadside. How do you get to T10 ships and be that bad a player?

  2. sealclubber

  3. That Nagato was funnier than the replay ^^ But still GG to the player

  4. That Kurfurst captain Djay_D… dude please STFU.
    He was out of position & misplayed BADLY against a Henri. Yes keep trying to distance between a 41knot French HE firestarter and return fire with your inaccurate German 420mm guns. Then he has the balls to criticize his team & call Bendeguz a “no skill player”…even T10 is full of a-hats these days.

    On the other hand, well played by Bendedguz; played the Henri to its strengths.

  5. I love your French intro with the Marseillaise ! 🙂

  6. that Kurfurst captain sure was a salty little bitch.

  7. Well played.  It didn’t hurt that the enemy team didn’t know what they were doing.

  8. honestly can people not press the fucking shift key?

  9. Bendeguz Márton

    Hello everyone! 1st of all thanks Panzer for uploading the replay,much appreciated and 2nd of all sorry everyone for using the shift key so often. Btw this was my 7th battle in the Henri IV.

  10. A ce que je vois Djay_D est toujours aussi nul et salé ??

  11. Арман Ахметов

    AC sent all planes to Des Moines and two Henri IV. What’s wrong with this captain?

  12. HE spamen kann jeder

  13. *german Hamburg-er burn

  14. Awsome play

  15. lol dat GK player raging in chat is funny xD I dont even know why he thought being up there by himself was such a good idea, but that’s what killed him eventually:)

  16. I don’t like these kind of players at my team. Chasing isolated ships at the map border while enemy team holding 2 out of 3 cap points

  17. hands down – best game I’ve seen PK play. everything there. very impressive

  18. Enemy CV in this game needs to really update his bot program because the one he’s running is the worst. I say this hoping it’s a bot and not actually someone that stupid really playing.

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