Henri IV – LittleWhiteMouse_PA on Ice Islands || World of Warships

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Player: LittleWhiteMouse_PA [ WIP !]
Ship: Henri IV
Map: Ice Islands

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  1. Is it supposed to be a good game?

  2. Nice video panzer. A question, which nation dd,s do u recommend me to play? Iam playing with germans right now but i see that their torpedoes are slow and im a little confused. Sorry for this question at this video but I need ur help. Thanks in advance.

  3. Henri 2.0 or 1.0 ?

  4. Henri IV is worst ship on tier 10 from all cruisers.

  5. I really don’t see the point of proposing a line of ships so ill balanced and that almost all gamers considered rubbish at high tiers. Even if it is still work in progress, WG had all latitude to do whatever they wanted with tiers VIII to X, considering these ships were never actually built… Really a shame, especially when you consider the real “De Grasse”, which was a tremendous AA cruiser and could very well had been able to challenge the “Minotaure”. Really, a strange choice by WG, while everybody is waiting the British BBs, to issue such a disapointing French cruiser line! And it’s a FRENCH who’s writing this, bordel!

  6. István Csókási

    80K dmg tier 10….and make a you tube video? 80K dmg is nice in tier3-4 battle

  7. french cruisers waste of Computer memory?

  8. Very unimpressive ship and yet another example oh why you don’t go A on that map

  9. Even the Nepalese fleet can be better than the wargaming idea of french navy. What a lost of money and time, you shouldn’t have did this fishboat line if you dont want it, but you’ve shit the most impressive line of ships that NOBODY will play with. Btw, it’s a good move because it forces us to buy the glorious italian premium ship, that was a good work, but french navy ???… seriously ?

  10. The 240mm shells don’t feel like 240s. 5 shatters against a Friedrich with HE? WhiteMouse is great captain and she barely did 45k damage.
    No wonder players are calling it the HIV.

  11. the French always were thin skinned LOL

  12. Manfred Von Richthofen

    The Russians (and others) buy ships from France.
    France builds ships for the united kingdom and maintains these nuclear submarines.
    United kingdom think buy french aircraft carrier etc etc …
    This game is political I think 🙂

  13. represente my country ??

  14. Poor graphics I see on it.

  15. the zao would have roasted that iowa

  16. wow. that was really stupid.

  17. I guess I’ll have to wait for the French BB’s or DDs cause this HIV is DOA on release.

  18. this guys a noob lol

  19. Wait….citadel’ed yamato at the end? impressive for that shattering gun 0_0

  20. Rahadyan Pandu Wiryawan

    french baguette vs german wurst, who will win ?

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