Here’s to You, The Unsung Heroes of World of Warships

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There are a lot of players doing a lot of in World of Warships. They get little attention and little fanfare. It’s time we salute the unsung heroes. Here’s to you. If you want, take a moment in the comments to give a shout out to a player that’s made a difference.


  1. I have never known that i needed something that much without knowing it.?

  2. First one here!!! Team player? Those individuals are legendary if not rare..

  3. Really like your videos. You always try to find the silver lining. There is so much negativity in the game so it is nice to see somebody going the extra mile to find something positive. I salute you good sir o7

  4. Been in your game most as opposed to other CC’s. I am fortunate enough to play on both the NA and EU servers. My last comp went to you…a couple of days ago, when I ribbed you for being CV on opposing team and your team got STOMPED. Yet you were at the top of the board in your CV. Still waiting on you to be a dick to others in chat. I suspect I will wait a while…

  5. Zoup, this reminds me of that radio commercial “This Buds’ for you Mr.Unsung WOWS hero”. Killer_Caudle

  6. Love this game, my only complaint is getting focus fired. That hurts. ??.

  7. thank you very much. The community might be mostly toxic but there are still plenty of nice players. I will be around also as long as they are still some around.

  8. I don’t even play WoWs anymore, but this video makes we want to reinstall it just to be a better team player.

  9. I would like to say a big thank you to all the DD players who go out and risk all their hit points for the team and get little or no credit or support. To run the CV gauntlet, time and time again, so that the team can advance without fear of being torpedoed. I want to tell you that some us greatly appreciate you for dropping smoke to defend players under heavy focus fire and escorting BBs that are too close to islands. I want to thank you for capping under the most dangerous of circumstances, even when there is no support or the team throws all your hard work out the window by giving it up. I want to apologize for all those who run right over you while you are in smoke and setting up for a torpedo run. Or those who completely ignore your smoke that you laid for them, and not yourself. You guys are the unsung heroes and I just want you to know that some of us appreciate what you do so unselfishly.

  10. DD’s who Cap, BB’s who Push. Players who work for the Team. The Bottom Tier Ship that Tops the Leader Board , they All get a +1 Compliment from me in game.

  11. Steven Wiederholt

    Its just A Game! No sense getting mad about a game.

    Now if I could only follow my own advise….all the time. 🙂

  12. This video makes me feel better .. I’ll remember this video next time I’m having a bad game.

  13. I talk mad shit all the time, but I still hit F10 and F12 at the start of a round. You never know who it might cheer up, even if in the very slightest way.

  14. Zoup!!! You’ve done this game good !!

  15. As a main DD, i like to “absorb” CV torps for the BBs as i was trying to deactivate the torps early. Sometimes, it works, sometimes it doesnt and I ate 2-3 torps. But i feel good for doing that, and I think that’s a very good trick that not alot of DD players know. Of course, this should be attempted in late game.

  16. Nicolas Hermosillo

    SemperNutz: he taught me how clan battles work

  17. You, Sir, are annoyingly nice…don’t ever change…

  18. Kudos to you NoZoup for this rare reminder that there are plenty of great players in WOWs. All the best…

  19. This is for the cruiser that deliberatly stuck with me to prive a BB with AA cover, the Cruiser that did his best to shield me from DD torps and stuck with me despite me failing to break trough.
    Ntimmortal, this is for you.

  20. The real unsung heroes of WG dev team is the music team. I mean, every patch there’s always a track or two that keeps you pumped up. Not a speck of dead air in game.

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