Hermes: Weak – World of Warships

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If we compare Hermes with Hosho or Langley, she’s much weaker than them. Double torpedo setup is a huge advantage. In addition, Hermes’ carpet bombers ineffective due to the penetration of 17mm.

World mods:
im using offical mod station –
1- Adjustable Panels
2- Score Timer
3- Running Lights
4- Crew perks in battle


  1. why herpes when hosho & langley are much better?

  2. I love you videos, i m a new sub about a week, but i can’t give likes to them because of CV, i like watching them but hate playing against them, is not about you, you are great, is about me, give me some time to love the CV again, great work keep going ???

  3. First comment…..hahahahah Indonesia tsunami hahaha

  4. The British Carrier line is not fun to play and is not rewarding at all, problem is they are meant to troll and spot for the team but that dont translate into end of match credits boosts where with the american or japanese carriers they are about causing lots of damage.

  5. Man yo love your videos especially that its about the carriers

  6. How do you do to put yourself in the all plane control map ?

  7. Top tier even though I love your content I really wish you would narrate your videos. There’s almost no you tubers that make good cv videos, and it’s hard to learn the pro tactics just by watching a silent video. A voice-over telling us how you do things would be amazing!

    But anyway, tough game, it sucks when your hosho ally is a potato; creates a huge disadvantage if the enemy hosho player is even semi-competent.

  8. hosho is still better

  9. Good play Toptier….you keep pushing me to get better and keep up 😉

  10. When I die I want the British carpet bombers to be my pall bearers so they can let me down one last time

  11. Omg I have been watching your videos and I got into a game where you where in a Langley and I didn’t know it was you

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