Highest damage Buffalo game EU || World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. Something is wrong with the result screen

  2. Textbook example of how to not play a Bismarck.

  3. 화질 안좋아서 잘안보여요

  4. Falscher Teambildschirm Pasch – da hat der Einsender sich wohl vertan

  5. भारतीय भाई निकेश।

  6. Good replay, but this guy is aiming a bit too high with his AP shells. Result : a lot of overpens that quite limited the damage.

    • Khelost actually in a cruiser, aiming at the water line or lower held will deal shatters against battleships. The upper belt and superstructure are the correct areas to shoot AP. Looks to me that player in this vid understands.

  7. Musashi not very honobruh..

  8. May i take discord adress please

  9. There aew way to many games like this… awesome damage. A loss sad face!!

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