Highest damage done in Amagi on NA server || World of Warships

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  1. Russian Bias always protect.

    What a potato fiesta XD

  2. Nice video man can you make a video on ijn yamato plz

  3. If there is one ship I can’t stand to play its the amagi. The guns are more trollish than monarchs dispersion.

  4. Great battle ?

  5. it just me or all IJN BB i watch YT replays when shooting less 5-7km, the aim goes ALL OVER THE TARGET, the dispersion got worsen, not a single shell hit the center cross hair

  6. Before this video I thought that youtube has forbiten WoWs videos featuring tiers lower than 10 :p

  7. She ain’t old, she hot.

  8. Nice, almost had 5 of them….

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