Highest damage from all myoko class ships || World of Warships

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  1. FIRST! 😀

  2. Myoko only weakness is slow turret turning.

    • Yup. I was going “well he fired the torps so if he can one one fire now and the warspite repairs then it will… oh. Well, yes, 3 fires will do just fine”.

    • That RNGesus. Then he proceeds to flood & set another fire on top of that. The Grand old lady is NOT having a good day.

  3. Well played ! Nice video.

  4. Costas Eco - Oikonomopoulos

    Of course he will do 270k when the 2 T9 BBs are shooting HE on a broadside CA from short range without even worry about incoming torps, or when the rest of ships either stay motionless in the open or move like if they play with the mouse only… Player base goes from bad to worst in this game… GG dude, 370k next time…

    • dont think anybody can do 😉

    • My best in the myoko was 145k, and I had to work my ass of for it. Whole replay was kinda lucky imo. He gave a lot of broadside when he shouldn’t have, landed a lot of torps due to rail sailing. I got frustrated watching this replay.

  5. use the plane… use the plane … use the plane to scout ffs

  6. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Why he didn’t load AP for the Nelson broadside under 10km? It could citadel it and do more dmg than shattering the HE on the broadside hull At least fire to the superestructure

  7. Well played, nice usage of torpedoes 😉 may use plane more often to spot targets behind islands. Great game!

  8. HE firing Nelsons,, Where is a spot where I can cry all by myself?

  9. No screenshots of final results, but impressive damage total at end of battle

  10. 強,又準……⊙﹏⊙∥

  11. That Scharnhorst & Warspite had the most terrible timing with repair parties ever.

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