Highest global Des Moines Damage – 350K || World of Warships

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Player: PackmanPlays Ship: X Des

Highest ever on on all servers. High Calibre within only 7 minutes

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  1. Natthaphong Wongwai

    i see Des Moines i click

  2. Well, I’ll give my Replay a try too 🙂 I’m on 6th Place with highest global DMG right now

  3. all those cruisers lining up to get citadel’d at the start… my god where are they when i’m playing?!?

  4. The new effects and sounds are so cool 😍

  5. Great positioning, great usage of the super-heavy AP, great Aiming (poor Atago) and most important: Calmness.
    All together = well-deserved Record !

  6. Nice work,well done !

  7. Citadel non stop!

  8. How to play Des Moines ! ^^
    that poor Atago….. blind citadels deluxe

  9. Helps when you meet noob UK cruisers, hard counter ftw.Excellent player.

  10. one of the best uses of an island I have ever seen. Well played.

  11. 7 citadels on other des moines. Thats insane.

  12. Desu Moines

  13. I love the fact that this guy is making blind shots that hit.

  14. AP and HE use master manual

  15. vladimir bosnjakovic

    Des is the best ship of tire X.

  16. 6 cits on that Atago shooting in the blind. Wow!

  17. How can I get this kind of Crosshair? With only those vertical lines? 😱 Is it a Mod?

  18. Awesome exploitation of stupidity. So well done!!!

  19. which mod do you use? and what is that crosshair

  20. Патрик Бэйтман


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