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0:00 New map(s?)
5:05 New bug fixes?
6:00 clan battle feedback
15:43 Pan Asian cruisers
28:00 Black Friday ships
30:50 Changes to test ships
38:05 Anti Sub changes
43:38 End of video rant


  1. 27:39 As an Ape myself, im very excited for those ships. I love being annoying.

  2. In this case it’s not WG laziness, there just isn’t enough source material to create a Pan Asian line with Pan Asian origins. There were no Tier 6+ worthy cruisers operated by any Pan Asian navy, the closest being a pair of light cruisers operated by the Chinese Navy prior to capture by the IJN that would maybe qualify as tier IV in WoWs. The majority of post WW2 Pan Asian (Philippine, Taiwanese, Chinese) ships (most of which were DDs) were USN in origin, with a few IJN warships given to the Chinese Navy as war reparations. Just like the Pan Asian DD line, there just isn’t any source material other than hand-me-downs. (Side note, it’s also interesting to see how China rose from having virtually no navy to a serious threat in the eastern seas in about 60 years. This quick progression is only beaten by the IJN which took roughly 50.)

    • That didn’t stop the russian line. 😀

    • I disagree, wargaming makes paper ships all the time, i googled 1940’s Chinese ship designs and the very first naval encyclopedia link brought me to proposed ship designs ranging from coastal monitors with two guns to comparative heavy cruisers with 6 203 mm guns. There, that’s tier 1-6 based on real pan-asion (non-Japanese) ships two of which had either a hull laid down, or a single completed vessel. Paper ships that aren’t hand me downs from other nations.

      If your willing to stretch a ships effectiveness, you could slap the Ning hai class at tier 6, 6 rapid fire 140’s and ten deep water torps, then add the planned(and canceled) redesign that upguns and armors it to 8 rapid fire 140’s with 8 torps for the tier 7. Regardless, even though none of the Asian countries baring japan had real comprehensive navy’s, they all commissioned designs and concepts for home grown vessels. It could have been done. I mean hell, wargaming made an entire nation of ships from cruisers to carriers from napkin designs(Russia)

      I’m a fucking moron, I just described a Chinese specific line, obviously they would never include this as part of a pan Asian line, they can just make a Chinese tree for the oh so glorious PRC market.

    • @RagingCanadian I mean i agree completely, actual paperships would be much, much superior over copypaste shit like the ones they gave us.

    • @DarkestVampire92 Im still all in for British Battlecruisers. Im still baffled why they are making german ones before british ones.

    • @Prinz Eugen Because the british ones are much more popular and can be sold as premiums, as we’ve seen with a lot of them already.


    After six years I get used to see WG take one step forward aaaaaand make two back XD

    Thanks for the vid and the info

  4. Are subs going to be able to go under icebergs like planes go over mountains? Is that another reason for all the snow/ice style maps? If so, yikes.

    Your effective ship breakdown for clans this season is startling. I didn’t even think about team compositions being only premium and it makes a gross amount of sense. Zero possibility thats a random chance/mistake.

  5. now if Jinan is like Iran, it means the DWT will outmatch the spotting range so hello wall of 40 torp in 2 wave 😀

  6. Raging, you make a VERY good point about the possibility that WG may have a single template for these three possible maps and all they’d need to do to accommodate the players’ choice is to adjust the color palette accordingly.

  7. I want to see the Jean Bart b again because I missed my chance to get her twice once was when she was in store for coal and the second was Black Friday and I loved playing her in legends

  8. Lots of agreement here. Especially the part about the game being more enjoyable by not spending money. It removed pressure in an unexpected way, and now I just have fun and don’t worry about all the other stuff.

  9. The ‘concept art’ images are funnier than that. They are all stock photos, available on-line. It took them MINUTES to put this together.

  10. Let my guinea pig play a random game with a BB yesterday. Came out second. I’ll try to train it on subs now with 90 kn homing torpedoes and detonation flag. Piece of cake

  11. Listening to this guy rip into Wargaming is more fun than actually playing the game.

  12. If you played during the German CV event you already have a better camo for Pommern

  13. Wargaming says vote for appearance of map, not layout. So yeah, they probably indeed have one map ready to texturize. They are not saying otherwise or asking otherwise.

  14. I think tier V Pan-Asian looks very like Exeter (Tier V premium heavy cruiser), not as Tier V British light cruiser (Emerald).

  15. I wonder though if you actually played this season, because half of the ships you mentioned are fairly rare, and some of the most common ones you didn’t even mention. Or you experienced only the low leagues and not much else. Idk what kind of meta is there.

  16. Thanks for the briefing. Dear God we need another game to counter all this Wargambling stupidity.

  17. Flint gets almost doubled torpedo range sacrificing the wing turrets that atlanta has,sacrifing DPM,at cost of threathning everything with torpedoes that come to 9.2 km range.

  18. There is a scene in the best of Dale gribble from king of the hill cartoon that perfectly sums up the reaction to the WG´s future development policies, when it comes to tech trees.

  19. for the period the game represent , Pan Asian Cruiser being just Cruisers from UK, US or Soviet origin is indeed historically accurate and factual. Real original Asian local design do not come until 1980’s , but you are right Pan Asian DD are basically made obsolete in a fashion .. but as a Smolensk owner I can tell you playing CLAA is no where even easy

  20. the interesting part is that the Janin sounds like a readdition of the kitakami but instead with guns and deepwater torps

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