Hinden HARD carrying his ranked team … World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. i keep having sniping teammate… IN RANKED ! God mercy me

  2. ohh yeah btw, is he running SE on Hinden?

    • Do you mean secondary expert?
      If that so, let’s do some quick maths together right; so Hindernburg have 6km secondaries, with full upgrades and perks it would be around 8ish KM; So being low key, you have to waste 7 points (or 11 if you want to go full on secondaries) + an upgrade to have 8km range on that secondary battery… now tell me in which scenario will you make use of those secondaries with a HINDERNBURG? let’s remember that Hinden, isn’t a brawler but a harrasser (that’s why it have spot plane, to take extra advantage of that range) so normally, you shouldn’t be at less than 9km… it would be a waste of resources to try to make it viable, and yes; hinden secondaries are good don’t get me wrong (like all german secondaries) but even so, you don’t have the tools to make it worth it, just like his torps (and all german torps) which only use is close combat… you really don’t need SE on a hinderburg, and i highly doubt he even has it cuz i didn’t even saw anything that could even hint him having SE.

    • @Franco M.Cabano secondary expert?? Dude, really?? SE means Survivability Expert lol

    • @Franco M.Cabano Shut up lol

    • Franco M.Cabano ?????

  3. Дмитрий Койда

    another lucky guy in Hinden. Usually that battle should end for him when he was full broadside to 6km Kurfurst. But potato power rules the WoWs.

  4. He, hehe, Hindenburger

  5. It made a difference in the tactics of the DD. But it’s an exhausting game.

  6. Those kurfursts has no secondaries ?

  7. I don’t trust people who are running SE on their ships except for DDs and CVs :v

  8. Supreme Soviet Engineering

    Oh wow, thanks for featuring my replay
    Also yes i potato hard early game

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