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Game with my Hindenburg pitted against Zoup and his Hakuryu in a pretty Tier 10 . Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful !

Tier X German Cruiser Hindenburg Replay

https://playtogether.worldofwarships.com/invite/OwzqAkj – Warships Invite

https://discord.gg/33xzEjR – Discord Server


  1. Hope they reverse the air steath at least for cruisers, there nothing worse then just flying around and then suddenly die for a invisible Wooster/Mino

  2. There are other tiers besides tier X

  3. zoup is like the femm of the CV rework.

  4. anyone else wondering why the 6km range numbers are blinking??

  5. 18 planes shot down on equal tier ship.I just played my atago and facing kaga and ranger alone,i shot down 50 planes in total

  6. everything is so CV concentrated right now, did you forget there are 3 other classes in this game that are MUCH more dangerous? also wait for the soviet bbs to arrive and CV will be dead forever!

  7. Got montana three days ago got the kurfirst already but omg montana im in love so lovely such power

    • You picked the two most fun bbs in the game. Nice choices! Kurfurst excels when you have a division mate in a bb next to you and you just utterly shred the enemy in 10km range together with him. Get IFHE on the GK, you do something ridiculous like 90k damage with the secondaries alone in those situations thanks to IFHE.

  8. glad i made it into a vid!

  9. Alright Notser, challenge for you, lets see you upload the FIRST game you play (not hand picked) in a tier 8 CV in a tier 10 game instead of just focusing on the tier 10.

    • Just a random Horse.

      that goes for any tier 8 ship uptiered vs clearly vastly superior ships in every possible category. Your point doesn’t stand there, it’s not CVs that are broken, it’s matchmaking. Change it for everyone, carrier players aren’t special.

    • Just a random Horse. T8 ships can deal dmg to t10 ships. But how do you deal dmg with a t8 cv when your planes are all killed in the first attack run? Mostly never getting to the target.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +Langsames Faultier Again, mm as a whole is broken. Just because you can do something, does not mean it’s fun or fair.

    • T8 DDs can still sink BBs with clever play and torps, tier 8 CAs and CLs can still set tier 10 BBs on fire, still beat the every loving hell out of tier 10 DDs if they’re caught in the open. Tier 8 BBs have the same armour scheme (32mm of bow armour) that tier 10 BBs do and so can still tank all but the Yamato sisters bow on.

      Meanwhile a tier 8 CV can’t attack a tier 10 Cruiser (CA or CL) thanks to the massive boost in AA. Most tier 10 BBs apart from a very select few have more then enough AA to deter attacks and now they’ve massively nerfed rocket planes AND spotting they’re not much cop against tier 10 DDs either.

  10. 240? Notser…the Richilue survived with 24 HP LUL

  11. Still waiting for that bottom teir CV game. Where’s t8 at?

  12. Tries to save Montana
    Shoot at Shima
    Missed all shots
    Montana kills the Shima alone


  13. Why did hindenburg die off in popularity? I thought it was the best T10 cruiser.

    • They nerfed the reload by 10% (way too much imo) and that kinda killed the ship off cause now you might as well play IFHE Henri or Zao for the long range support instead

    • +Jakob Reuter Yea, but isnt hindy kinda tanky for a cruiser? And it has decent torps as well. I dont think reload is THAT bad of a nerf.

    • also french bbs ap, lack of dmg, lack of torp range , and useless but powerfull ap , bad con vs vs wg constantly buff other crusers but germans no man ı ıh .

    • power creep, with all the good steel ships, and pay ships, its just not as good as other options..

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      +Ivan Buncic Hindenburg’s tankiness gets powercreeped by the newer ships that can burn it down from afar. The reload nerf hit it hard because it has the second shorter base gun range for a T10 CA (Salem has the shortest). And with Zao gets option for 12 km torps, there is almost nothing left to keep Hindenburg popular. Plus with the CV rework, it is very difficult to not swap your hydro & spotter for defAA & fighter.

  14. Want friendly Cv to spot. ? Spot what exactly. Water? yes. Water spotted

  15. I am still waiting for that Hakuryu game Notser. Having Zoup playing it for you does not count as one! *You and other CV hating CC’s should take responsibility of the over nerfing of the CV’s!* Especially IJN CV’s are just too RNG now and cannot defend themselves from DD’s anymore properly due to lack of HE bombs! Hakuryu alternative 6km torps need to be buffed by increasing the amount that is dropped to 3 or 4 even if their damage would be also reduced to 7-8k! Now they are simply useless with just 2 torpedoes dropped at tier 10!

    • There are two types of torps for the Haku. Longer range, longer arm time 4 torp setup, and shorter range (for IJN at least), shorter arm time 2 torp setup. And yeah, Haku is the only t10 IJN CV to have 4 torps because it’s the only t10 IJN CV. The Midway has 6 per drop but they don’t converge, are basically sea mine slow, and do ~4k on nose hits and ~2k on belt hits for BBs (CAs and CLs get more average damage on belt hits, but good luck catching one broadside with how slow the torps are even with TA).

      Midways torps are more useful for forcing potato BBs to show broadside to your team, and even then more and more are catching on that if you shift speed you can usually outrun or undershoot 2 or even 4 of them so you take practically no damage. I’ve gotten more damage on a single salvo from a DM or Hindy and with those your DPM is MUCH higher as well as it being impossible to intercept the shells.

    • +CrazyGary I know. I was speaking about 6km alternative trops.

    • +David 1YT Clearly neither of you owns a Hakryu, Since a Hakuryu has TWO TYPE OF TORPS and i am speaking about its useless ALTERNATIVE 6km TORPS!

    • ​+CrazyGary Amen for someone who knows what i am talking about! 🙂 You have one thing wrong. Haku torps no longer converge even when fully aimed just like Midway’s torps. The best you can get from both that they will go in a straight line. Only RN CV torps still converge, but they are also work in progress so maybe that will change on them too.

    • Apologies. I haven’t play Haku since PTS round 1. That’s even worse then. It’s truly a shame.

  16. *No, Notser. This was not a great game. Zoup only proved that Hakuryu has been overnerfed! Zoup had ZERO KILLS while you got a Kraken!* Good job all of you CV haters who want to nerf CV’s into unplayable class and ruin WG’s rework (tho WG itself is also responsible by listening to the whiners). Hell if the game would have not been so long Zoup would have not been even at 3rd place on his team by XP since CV’s can get naturally more damage as the AA dies out towards the ends of games! Hakuryu’s alternative 6km torps need a buff to 3 or 4 drops per attack instead of the pathetic 2 torpedoes dropped!

  17. World of destroyers and some other ships notser favorite game

  18. Holy shit! how bad the CV spotting is today… It is really overnerfed!!! While cruisers get massive ammounts of shot down aircraft, CVs can end a match without even a plane kill!! This is horrible! Balancing has gone out the windows in this patch. Planes can’t survive anymore since ships like Minotaur can shoot with stealth AA, you spot it after you are under fire! what is the meaning with this? It sucks. The rate and numbers of shot down aircraft is horrible and needs to be fixed.

  19. CVs in their current form are weak with T10 being the least weak as far as damage (although you still see squads nuked for just looking at a Wooster or Mino or even daring to attack anything other than stragglers). There are A TON of balance changes needed and with how out of touch WG seems to be considering the last hotfix I’m steadily loosing faith that WG will actually see a population beyond super unicums dominating matches when they show up (kinda what they wanted to avoid but hey CV=BAD).

    I genuinly don’t see how they can add a new line of CVs, and re-introduce premiums and expect anyone to purchase them. Anyone left that hasn’t been absolutely frustrated with the rework are more and more often exRTS players and super unicums that generally already have them.

  20. Tier X is not the only tier that matters Notser, new players have to pass tier 1- tier 9… play a tier4 or tier 6 cv that gets uptiered, i dare you. this recent patch hurts new players the most and you are not covering this issue. WG wants CV player population to grow but these one sided changes (only showing tier 10 and maybe 1 tier 8) are counterproductive. please represent the community Notser. WG needs a balanced view instead of dd mains complaining and tier 10 CVs being the standard for how the whole game is balanced. We want this game to succeed and be as balanced as possible not the current BullShip thats going on

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