Hindenburg 286K DMG / 3.5k Base XP – World of Warships

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Hindenburg 286K DMG / 3.5k Base XP – World of Warships
Dodgy_Cookies X Hindenburg
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  1. Clicked to watch immediately because it is hindenburg

  2. Best thing about this game was the chat;)

  3. Only 50k EXP left for this beauty… any a whole lot of credits 🙂

  4. Achim Hanischdörfer

    Battleship Hindenburg confirmed
    ez 211k dmg with armor piercing.

  5. what is the tittle again? ,, Battleship Hindenburg vs Cruiser Conquerer ? right?

    love that whining Conquerer at the end, Retardnation

  6. manny rc and game guy

    Hindingburg us just like a battle ship except smaller

  7. Great game, well played Dodgy_Cookies, hats off to you sir for being such a badass. The “hillarious” part was the one where each salvo from the Conquerors was either taking your torp tubes out or completely destroying them. So much “balans” eh.

  8. Natthaphong Wongwai

    12:22 Eurobeat

  9. Those AP volleys on the Missouri…ouch. Also worth noting is the BS Battleship HE; seriously did he lose ALL his torpedo tubes from just 2 volleys of BB HE? I don’t even…

  10. lol what’s that on end screen?

  11. I hope he doesn’t need torps anymore.

  12. Panzerknacker i have been having trouble with recording games in the game folder the problem is it records them but when i try and view it is all in code. Should i try and re-download the client and add the in-game recorder or if you can help i would really appreciate it. Thanks.

  13. Михаил Швецов

    классный бой , вообще на этом канале выходят классные бои , лайк))

  14. Михаил Швецов

    а билин забыл что это европейский канал..nice fight , all on this channel go cool fights , like)) sorry first wrote in Russian , I forgot that this is not Russian or Ukrainian channel , if you do not understand the translation then I’m sorry , I translate through the translator because the English do not know))

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