HINDENBURG – 4085 Base XP – 9 Kills – 309K DMG – 18 Citadels – World of Warships

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– 4085 Base XP – 9 – 309K DMG – 18 Citadels – World of Warships
Player: piecesofpizza X Hindenburg
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  2. sturmpanzerwagen ATV

    Berserker mode engaged at the end XD.
    And those torps? XD
    If they hadn’t ran out, the wreck of the Iowa would have protected him!

  3. 11:39 Citadel…
    12:38 Head shot
    13:44 Iowa: I will take it, dont worry.

  4. Costas Eco - Oikonomopoulos

    omg..what a monster! GG dude

  5. That was a great rush

  6. Finally, A good game to watch…

  7. Okay, that was an awesome WoWs video in a long time.

  8. I still state the Hindenburg is the ultimate T10 cruiser that can literally do it all. It has STRONG AP, good penetration HE, decent reload, good AA, has torpedoes, hydro, torpedoes and a turtleback citadel armor. Well played.

  9. Great use of the Hindenburg!

  10. This was a match worth watching! Good job hindy! You didn’t just spammed He all around. Brilliant strategy and somewhat i think you were the first ennemy hindenburg the ennemy team ever encountered… they just didn’t know what to do! Thanks gor this upload Panzer!

  11. Moskva Moron how shit players like him reach Tier X

  12. wow, what was the rest of his team doing ?!

  13. my god his team was awful….

  14. Never subestimate the power of the pizza.

  15. Natthaphong Wongwai

    4k base xp wow i like it

  16. How do you get the enemy team to travel in a straight line broadside on?

  17. This is just… wow

  18. Late game chat was amusing, I like how Super_Drunk goes in chat and says he’s getting some slices of pizza himself. I really enjoy watching Hindenburg replays. Though I do not have it myself (I am as far as the Karlsruche) The Hindenburg has good HE and AP damage with excellent consumable options and can rack up a high score pretty well.

  19. IS it normal server or test server ? because today unplayable normal server

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