Hindenburg Deutscher Stahl – 2600+ Base exp – World of Warships

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Player: SodiumExtract
Map: Trap

User Description:

One , if not best game I have had to date, The first couple of minutes I thought it was all ogre. Yet somehow our team managed to pull trough I brought to the table, confederate, high caliber, dreadnought and a-O.K 185k with 4 . I was hungry for the Kraken but you know, thinks dont work out as intended.

Too bad I did not have a account on this first victory, not everyday it gets this good.

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  1. nice vid but wow those bbs just left him

  2. what is the grand fleet of fog mission thing btw??

  3. I love my Hidenburg……..

  4. Too much HE spam, last check in the Yorck the German HE shells are rather
    unimpressive. Stick to AP; look how hard that Roon wrecked him with AP!

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