HINDENBURG – Epic Victory || World of Warships

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Player: Light_Trooper
Map: Sea Fortune

I pulled off the most victory I’ve ever had. I had every single reason to get sunk, but I outplayed every enemy ship that came at me. I even beat a 3v1 matchup vs a , , Atago.

I start the game off very passively (perhaps just a bit too passive), and give my team a little long range fire support. Shortly after I decide its time to advance through with my friendlies and gain ground. My entire team gets focused at a single control point and quickly starts to die off. I soon end up right in the think of a HUGE shit storm and manage to outplay 6 enemy ships to give us an otherwise hopeless victory. Tactics, positioning, ability usage, and correct ammo won the day for me.

Sea of Fortune- Domination
Double Strike
High Caliber

BTW I run my Hindenburg with Steering Gears Mod 3 instead of Concealment, and would NOT have survived without it


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  1. hi!!!

  2. Damn, almost a solo warrior

  3. Kreutzer Power

  4. he should have used his portside torps against the mighty mo at around 9:30. could have spared him some endgame trouble. still a great game though

  5. Channeling Churchill… “Never, ever ever give up!”

  6. Wow! Great Game!

  7. I especially like how the enemy Mo decided to derp out at the last moment and give nice flat broadsides to German AP..

  8. Lucky the game ended just as those 16 inchers were inbound. Awesome game!

  9. this replay give me goosebumps , idk why

  10. 12:00 if you did less than100k then suck my dick lol epic

  11. most epic play ever, action starts at 9:15

  12. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Deutschland Deutschland Über Alles (I hope is spelled like this lol) GG

  13. The ap of German cruisers

  14. Фёдор Варюхин

    very cool!!!

  15. That was amazing battle

  16. he ignored lots of ap opportunity earlier, but he did good later

  17. good game by him horrible game by the team… these idiot DDs at start going A

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