HiNDENBURG insane 9 kill comeback || World of Warships

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  1. skeletaur skull night


  2. Liked because it’s hindenburg

  3. Is there a way to get tier 10 ships without grinding the previous 9 tiers? With money or something?

  4. That guy put down some seriously accurate gunfire, and a looooottt if it 🙂

  5. Nice hit topr ?

  6. That blind shot into smoke was spot on. This needs more attention!

  7. That torpedo strike early on almost did him in. Well played on staying alive and making the most of those guns.

  8. 14:45 pure skill ;p

  9. HindenGurg 🙂

  10. Giovanni Emiliano Gori

    JUST WOOOOW!!!!!

  11. Well played, but still spend half the battle at the back, don’t you know that is battleship tictacs. Kappa

  12. 白銀大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    Apparently this dude ignored the use of hydro literally the entire 1st half of the game

  13. Well recovered, Sniping and burning target’s and being a general pain in the ass to the opposition lol, i think that final torp he dodged took some of his paint with it.

  14. demo expert? fricken fire RNG is out of control

  15. I’m not envious, ’cause it wasn’t a premium ship! Just plain skill!

    I can’t stand seeing games where the thumbnail goes something like: “Akizuki – 2309 shell hits, 45 fires” or “Kamikaze – 45 torp hits”

    I refuse to pay for a “free” game.

  16. Классный бой!

  17. JSpec <3
    Great game, loved the AP switch for the mino just before he was spotted ?

  18. Good recovery after the nasty torpedo hits.  Stayed in the back and did well sniping, and did what he could while recovering from almost near death.

  19. How can I aim like that? 3:10

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