HINDENBURG Solo Warrior 323 K DMG || World of Warships

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Solo 323 K DMG || World of Warships
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  1. http://m.onelink.me/9553016f Download the app and get your free Doubloons for World of Warships!
    Use my invite code: pzqqa for your first bonus Doubloons. I think this app is actually a great idea. It works and is completly free =)

  2. very well played game, with the added bonus of some nice salty childish whinging going on in chat as he quietly goes about his business 🙂

    • I think it’s funny when someone gets sunk early on, and then cries like a little girl it’s all his team’s fault, and everyone except him on the team is an idiot and a noob.

    • cuz if i was, id have to wipe your self entitled ass

    • To be fair sometimes you do a shitload of carrying in the early game and its hard not to rip your team a new one as they proceed to wrench defeat from the jaws of victory, ESPECIALLY weekend teams

    • usually that person blames the good players that are alive.

    • Yes usually is right, but in this case that guy was second and did give feedback on what the monty could have done, while the Original something guy was just straight up crying for dying at his hands.

  3. 6:00 when u for the first time in a while dares to go outside, and runs straight into the same bully that made u stay home😇

  4. Minh Mẫn Trần Hồ

    Does it work on Sea server?

  5. Very calm and cool player who does his job!

  6. Gotta thank RNGesus for igniting enemy with every HE salvo at the final fight.

  7. I need to know what build he use in the upgrades plz … Any one can help?

  8. It made me so happy to see 104k damage and kill on the conq tonk ;D

  9. Hi bro, i wish see the commander skills you used.

    • Priority Target, Preventative Maintenance, Expert Loader, Jack of All Trades, Expert Marksman, Adrenaline Rush, Superintendent, Demolition Expert, and Concealment Expert. Source: Dastert

  10. Is it just me, or are the gun sounds super loud compared to everything else in this match?

  11. Back line camping being rewarded like that. Sad. Let his DD’s die right in front of him inside the cap. Didn’t shoot at their DD. More worried about himself. Thats why I always like sinking his ass. Guaranteed to find it at the back. Also why I always report it for bad play – even if on the same team. Sad to see he doesn’t support his team mates, but just confirmed what we have thought all along – selfish player . Title should be – Back line camper not supporting his team !!!!

  12. Is there some kind of new mod, that lets you not be targeted in a cruiser, when you’re in 7 enemy firing arcs, and not moving? GG from a good player, but I really want to know how to avoid getting targeted in my Hinden.

  13. Please turn off chat for future replays?

    • Why? Salty chat is enjoyable to watch, I myself get satisfaction when my teammates die and start to shit talk me (for playing intelligent and not yoloing to 8 ships) and I proceed to carry the game topping the score board easily.

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