Hindenburg’s still got it !! World of Warships

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  1. I love my Hindenburg.
    Teaming up and pushing with a Kurfurst can be overpowering.

  2. 9:00 ~ very good

  3. Brokages_over_Hokages

    that 1v3 was Epic

  4. Power creep my @$$!

  5. Bei dir sind alle schiffe oo weil einfach krass bist

  6. My first T10 and i love her.

  7. “I like Hero’s that don’t get caught” Quote by President Trump. lol gg

  8. Does not know how to dodge a torp. Would of lasted longer.

  9. Took 2torps which can surely be avoided

  10. I am torn between giving the video a like or to keep the like at 69

  11. A random man on this ship. Inability to read the minimap. With hydro, he didn’t expect torpedoes from the destroyer? The rest is coincidence and RNGesus

  12. 8:37
    Epic Warefare

  13. Seattle shooting AP at a bow it cruiser on low health if he wasn’t so dumb this came would be mediocre at best. Should call these videos how stupid can the red team be!

  14. A classy game in a classy ship! Always exciting to see a good captain clear an entire flank all by himself!

  15. 12:52 F

  16. stefanos perivolaris

    A 200dmg buff on HE ld be cool i think

  17. My first tier 10 and I love her till death do us part!

  18. some time ago this ship was amazing, now after nerfs it’s still not bad.

  19. This is the type of ship the game needs more of. Smart, tactical and rewarding play style. Not this flame throwing DPM crap that for some reason is now getting smoke screens

    • Are you referring to Italian cruisers? Because they can’t set fires and have poor rates of fire compared with their opposition.

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