Hittin’ Hard! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. 360p gang where you at lol.

  2. When you’re about to sleep but see that Spartan just uploaded

  3. I like when you give great information during a match

  4. Interceptor 0079

    Gg with the vald, it is a little consistently inconsistent with ap

  5. Im at Izmail I know I’m gonna have a shit ton of fun with the Vladi’

  6. Zill The Godzilla

    When I first heard the Vladivostok I thought spartan called it bloody volstok

  7. I have unlocked Vladivostok but I haven’t played it that much to figure it out yet, it is a beautiful ship though the only thing I’ve found is it can get pretty torn up by torpedos compared to other ships

  8. I find it very weird that the Russian BB’s guns sound like cruiser guns.

  9. Well, I guess I’m early enough for it to be “tonight”, but it’s technically morning, so I’m conflicted…

  10. Stormcat Miranda

    I believe you made that jean bart re evaluate his life decisions as a jean bart captain. Ouch

  11. 6:03, ur not alone, it happens when I’m in my Iowa

  12. I run the exact same build but my vlad just keeps missing. I’ve also had moments of some ridiculous RNG. Full broadside of an Iowa and no citadels. And I only managed to do 17k dmg to him with that salvo at 6km. This game sometimes is just bs.

  13. Honestly, I don’t like the Vladivostok. I don’t like any Russian DD or BB. Cruisers are good, but I don’t like limited number of DCP in BBs. But, the Vladivostok in Your video… Every ship in Your video is great. Broadside Jean Bart with 2 citadels too.

  14. You were in the Vladivostok, in Land of Fire, on that side of the map, I had a game in my Lyon where a Vladivostok was there and I was on the other side… He checks the map and player list – am I,extrafoxysox3, in my Lyon there? No. oof xd

  15. Gianni Van Emmerick

    I had 3 games today with no jean barts in them and they where amazing

  16. Findlay Robertson

    My like was purely for bitch slapping the Jean Bart, but of course I’m British so a healthy hatred of all things froggy, except their women, is only to be expected.

  17. Spartan: “ the Hood bad” HaRoLd3312: 3 kills 5 citadels and 188k damage. Ahem, what did you say

  18. 6:33 I really need to thank you, I have never seen a Jean Bart be touched like that.😂😂😂😂😂

    • Spartan Elite43

      Oh I have touched plenty of them. One shotted TheHive_Hound in his Jean bart in my Iowa. Have scored 3 cits in 1 salvo from my Amagi they can definitely be touched

    • They’re a pain to touch because they ALWAYS bow-tank (for obvious reasons). But when they aren’t paying you any attention and you flank them… oh boy is it glorious.

  19. Bought a month of Premium and practicing in vs AI, will most likely stay in the fun zone, Tiers 2 to 5 DDs and CL/CAs!!! Have a small (50 ships) acct on PS4, but that’s for if Xbox live is down, no Premium either.

  20. That Thing with the Tirpitz: When the Shell detonate inside a Module (top Mainbatterie, secondarys, torpluncher, etc) you make damage to the Module but have no Indikator for this. This is why you make “0 damage” 😄 or it datonate in the torpedobelt. That makes also 0 damage

    PS: you can wach your Grande flying with the second control setting. It would help at Moments like you had there with the mountain 👍

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