Hizen Dockyard – Glorious Details – World of Warships

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Regardless of opinion on the dockyard event itself, the details are amazing.


  1. nice vid

  2. Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

    Really Nice

  3. I can really recommend the episode where Ryan does the insanity crawls on the Battleship Jersey youtube channel. Those cable runs are both insane, but also very realistic.

  4. yeah, when I first heard it in the naval legends episode I was like…wait what? lol

  5. Where is the Dead Eye mounted?

  6. At this point let’s just set up a patreon for the fucking art department lmao

  7. I suggest putting a link to the USS Gerald R. Ford timelapse video in the description.

  8. Gotta love Stallinium. Stronk enough to bounce 18in shells, soft enough to bend 30m in regular operations.

  9. As always iChase, amusing quick explanations of the details of the ship’s building

  10. You and Drachinifel should collab…

  11. How do you guys even get your dockyard to work cuz every time I click on it it’s just loading forever and ever and ever

  12. Every time someone says ect., ect, ect., I think of Yul Brynner in the king and I.

  13. Very interesting video. And the art departement really has always been top notch and recently the (sole?) saving grace for the game.
    One gripe I have with the video: The pronunciation of “Hizen”. Japanese words are mostly pronounced “as they are written”. I am not really sure how to illustrate that here though, apart from maybe that it is similar in German, maybe that helps.

    • Best way to think of it would be Hee-zen, as generally I in Japanese is pronounced like a long e in English.

      As a side note, I’m surprised Hizen’s hybrid steam turbine/Diesel engine setup wasn’t even noted, after all, that’s part of what makes her exhaust trunking and funnel so interesting looking. Strictly speaking, Izumo should also have a similar setup, but seems to lack it, possibly for the same reason Yamato only used steam turbines, the diesel engines they wanted to use proved to have problems when they tested them aboard one of their submarine tenders.

  14. This was really interesting, I hope you make more such videos in the future!

  15. And that’s without even mentioning pounding and slamming (2:03) 😛

  16. Man, that Stalinium! Thanks iChase.

  17. Love it.

    Constructive critizism: When talking about the different bulkheads, you could have inserted onto the video their names and arrows pointing to them 🙂

  18. Amazing work, learned quite a bit, thank you!!

  19. Some really good knowledge here. This could really be something else if the narrator had some training in voice delivery and enunciation coaching. Clear, concise, relevant content is all there. Just need a clean delivery. Nice work, sir.

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