HMAS Vampire II World of Warships Tier 10 Destroyer Wows Review Guide

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How to play HMAS Vampire II tier 10 Destroyer World of Warships Commonwealth DD Update 0.10.3 Wows review guide including full ship upgrades and Australian navy captain skills torpedo build including review and high quality world of warships replay wows highlights.

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00:00 HMAS Vampire II Cost + Module Build & Captain Skills
02:00 HMAS Vampire II Gameplay Review Guide
13:00 HMAS Vampire II Armor Piercing Finale and Score screens

HMAS Vampire II World of Warships Tier 10 Destroyer Wows Review Guide includes the full list of ship upgrades/modules and captain skills. Recommended Captain Skills: Preventive Maintenance, Last Stand, Survivability Expert, Concealment Expert, Radio Location, Main Battery AA Specialist, Adrenaline Rush and Grease the Gears. Upgrades: Main Armaments Mod 1, Damage Control Mod 1, Smoke Generator Mod 1, Steering Gears Mod 1, Concealment System and Main Battery Mod 3. The HMAS Vampire 2 will be available in the Research Bureau for 55,000 research points on the 22nd/23rd April depending on the region/server you play on. The Daring Class destroyer design evolved in Britain during the Second World War. Requirements for a new fleet destroyer for the Royal Navy saw the first of eight ships ordered in March 1945. The new ships were so far beyond accepted destroyer design that many naval authorities claimed they should be classified as light cruisers. Construction of the Daring Class ships in Australia opened a new era in local shipbuilding. The ships were the first all-welded hulls to be erected in Australia and, for the first time, aluminium was used extensively as a structural material. The Australian built Daring Class destroyers were similar to the vessels of the Royal Navy’s Daring Class however, they were modified for Australian conditions. HMAS Vampire, the third Daring Class destroyer for the Royal Australian Navy, was ordered from Cockatoo Island Dockyard on 3 December 1946. Fabrication commenced in September 1948, and the keel was laid on 1 July 1952.



  1. Hello and welcome everyone, today’s video features the brand new ship entering the research bureau the Commonwealth destroyer HMAS Vampire II which will cost 55,000 research points. I’ve had a real blast playing the Vampire 2 so far and it really feels like a Daring on steroids. I’ve included the full build including a full review gameplay guide. I hope you all enjoy the video and let me know in the comments what you think and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7

  2. Haha I knew it was a good idea to hold of on getting Ohio 😉 It’s going to be fun!

  3. Good Vid CC. That was like the perfect situation there at the end with the AP on him…melt. Ship looks good but those lost torps. Hmm

  4. Tired of grinding the RB I’m sticking to my daring

  5. A little bit harder to get? Lol. I will have to pass on this research bureau ship unfortunately.

  6. seeratlas d' Tyria

    you had me with “a Daring on steroids” :), What a TIMELY vid release CC 🙂 looks like its grinding time for me also 🙂 Thumbs up!!!!

  7. Finally a reasson for me to grind the RP. Just a shame I dont have as much time to play atm. Great video as always CC

  8. I got into battle 2 days ago in Le Fantasque with a Vampire in my team, sailed by a random tester. He lasted 3 minutes, being shot and torped to dead by a Kleber. Honestly, I did better and stood Kleber attacks, then killed a Cleveland and a creepled MO. I guess that tester did not want to play. So, I recommend to stick with really responsible guys like Carbine, who does a serious work. Because, after watching a pair of lousy performance in Vampire, I was thinking exactly the opposite than Carbine showed here. Thank you, sir! And keep this excellent work!

    • The thing about supper testers is that they are no longer the good players of old. The generation of Strangers123 is gone. The new testers are pathetic – I’ve played a lot of games with supper testes and checked their stats , they ware all below 45% WR with bad statistics all arround. Good example for this is the T10 German CV Manfred. I saw it multiple times in the week prior to release (they didnt change anything at that period), all of them ware on bottom of the wining team ,while the ship was supper OP.

  9. Excellent Video once again, CC!

  10. Looking forward to this ship. Current offering of Paolo, Colbert and Siegfried is underwhelming.

  11. Bro you’ve convinced me vampire II will be my first RB ship

  12. Right when I heard u say its a RB ship, I already know I won’t get it.

  13. You again first with new ship review! I am amazed by your stuff i have to say bro👍 very nice reviews, and like your extremely calm voice.
    Your channel will grow like its on steroids for sure.

  14. Nice to see the Commonwealth ships finally getting some love.

  15. Iain van Gardingen

    This fixes all my complaints with Daring, i’ll be grinding this ASAP, even though despising RB grinds (i’ve got every existing RB ship already).

  16. I’ve been waiting to hear what she was gonna be offered for! The Jutland is 1000% my fav/most utility DD in game so I already knew the vampire was for me! Thankfully I been casually regrinding for a colbert(so im already close in rb points), and ill be able to get the austin(been grinding steel in case vampire was gonna be a steel ship)😃

  17. I was waiting for this ship and hoped it will be a free so ship … it is not sadly … 😥😥😥
    Thank you for this very good YouTube video CC! All information needed ka included. I have to do some RB to get her, but it worth it imho.
    Thank you very much for this entertaining video! Thumbs up.
    All the best!

  18. Good thing I have a decently high-point Haida captain already, hopefully he’ll have more points by the time I get enough research points for her xD

  19. Looks like Vampire ii will be the next ship in my collection of “ships with crawling smoke and absurd fire power.” This will probably replace my harugumo in the dd role, since harugumo is built as a smoke crawling support cruiser for my clan.

  20. The stealth factor cannot be underestimated. You summarise it well with “allows it to dictate the engagements”. With gun power like this and the ability to decide if and when to open up, coupled with the toolbox it has….yowsers. Haven’t unlocked 5 tier 10’s yet but I can see this being a very strong contender for first ship out of the Bureau when I finally get there.

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