HMS Agincourt Royal Navy Battleship World of Warships Wows Review

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How to play HMS Agincourt tier 5 Royal Navy Battleship World of Warships Wows concealment build guide including full ship upgrades and British Battleship captain skills including high quality world of warships replay wows gameplay highlights.

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0:00 HMS Agincourt Upgrades & Captain Skills
1:30 HMS Agincourt Review Replay highlights
14:00 HMS Agincourt Finale and Score Screens

Recommended Captain Skills: Pyrotechnician, Grease the Gears, Long Range Secondary Battery Shells, Improved Secondary Battery Aiming, Fire Prevention, Emergencey Repair Expert and Adrenaline Rush. Ship Upgrades: Auxiliary Armaments Mod 1, Damage Control Mod 1, Secondary Battery Mod 1.
HMS Agincourt is the brand new British Royal Navy Premium Tier V battleship. A one-of-a-kind dreadnought battleship built to order for Brazil, but later repurchased by the government of the Ottoman Empire. She was distinctive for having as many as seven turrets. With the outbreak of World War I, Agincourt was requisitioned by Britain and served in the Royal Navy. Some advantages of the HMS Agincourt include Largest gun salvo in the game at 14 shells per salvo. Very high fire chance at 31% per shell. Above average battleship speed at 22 knots. Extremely large amounts deadly secondary guns with a fast rate of fire and Good concealment.



  1. Hello and welcome everyone, HMS Agincourt is the brand new British Royal Navy Premium Tier V battleship just introduced to World of Warships. I was playing this with a full secondary build and it was a ton of fun when getting smaller map and same tier games. I’ve included the full build I was using as usual and I hope the video provides you some useful information on the HMS Agincourt. let me know in the comments what you think and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7

  2. nothing like a citadel when you kill a ship on low HP….why oh why oh why….

  3. No Alien in this map…

  4. Remember that Agincourt gets 1/4 HE pen, which means 76mm of HE pen on its main guns – enough to citadel all same and lower-tiered cruisers, and most tier 5 cruisers have exposed citadels!

  5. How is it obtained? Armory or Premium shop?

  6. Think – Similar to the Wyoming / Arkansas B with an extra main battery turret , maybe a knot or 2 faster. 2ndrys have longer range. And just like the Arkansas B & Dreadnaught , no AA guns .
    Well at least Wyoming can shoot back at planes , I’ll grant that one.

  7. With zero AA there’s a zero chance I’ll purchase this. I enjoy the Oklahoma because it has the 8.3 secondary battery range with a full build, but has good AA for it’s tier as well. +1 for the video.

  8. No giveaway this time? 🙁

    This looks fun for co-op. I’m almost certainly going to buy it, if only for memery against the bots (and the lack of AA won’t matter as much there).

    I wish you’d used Deadeye just once, if only for the hilarity of seeing what could have been.

    • Carbine Carlito

      There will be another giveaway soon but for a different ship. I just felt it was pointless using deadeye as the moment the ship is available deadeye is gone

  9. Sardauker Legion

    No AA, slow, short ranged….. the perfect target!

  10. Zero aa! In how wows is now, that’s a nope.

  11. When does it come out?

  12. Matthew Baraclough

    One of the most attractive features of this ship is that 5 of the 7 turrets turn through the front, and with those good firing angles you can act like a mini-petro! I love the freedom that gives to manoeuvre in front of oncoming ships to get their side while denying them yours… that and fun secondaries might be enough for me to overlook the AA disaster!

  13. Bulldozer ship. You steamrolled them!

  14. what is the recomended tank battleship build in 10.4

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