HMS AP Conqueror – 10 citadels || World of Warships

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Rip__Tear – AP – 10 citadels ||

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  1. conqueror with AP? something must be wrong!

  2. The British captain voice is so cringe

  3. remove 419mm triple!

  4. やはり戦艦はAPだよ!

  5. 13:40 The shot that sinks the last cruise…nice

  6. Pretty sure that’s the pre nerf Conq so worse sigma and worse normalization than what’s in that vid

  7. авик вражеский просто рачина…

  8. Remove superhealing. What the british ship have to explain the superhealing. British Cruisers dont have Superhealing, so why they should have superhealing. Its almost God Mode that guy received AP damage, wich should decrease the healing status, but it doesnt change, and can heal 75% of the damage taken, its bullshit, or decrease its armor and have superhealing, or remove superhealing.

    ( so much superhealing xD)

  9. pls rise the citadell of this ship on the level like the British cruisers. This squishiness would be all right for a ship with 11,1km consealment.

  10. Lukygamer1983 remake

    the best player..this man

  11. Best captain ever finally someone using AP😭…. it’s AP is really strong

  12. 13:20 No penetration and got 1citidal kill Yamato. Why?a bug?

  13. MEGAZAO should use HE lol

  14. Odd thing is, I got a single cit for 4K on a Montana from 9km out with he, in the conquerer

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