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I am a little biased, because HMS Nelson is one of my favorite ships in the game. I don’t recommend it at all, but I do highly recommend Nelson. You can get Nelson on sale right now, whereas this thing is full price. I’ll leave you to decide what is the better value.

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  1. Nice review. GG

  2. Strasburg has 8 guns that can be kept on target, Collingwood effectively has 4

    • You may as well open your broadside enough to use all six, since you’re not going to bounce anything bigger than 380mm. It’s a lot like playing Florida, except the guns are better. I wouldn’t compare this ship to Strasbourg–a smaller, quicker, much more nimble ship with better commander options.

  3. Nelson,Strasbourg and the other 3 T6 British ships. These are the top 5 BBs in T6. Collingwood is going to have a tuff time to get to top 5…Best she will be able to do is be a Sniper for those BB that stay in the back of the map that want tot take their health to the next battle.
    GGs and i imagine how hard it must have been…

  4. Nelson is my favorite T6 BB. I will not be touching this one.

  5. Hey just found out T7 bb named constelation. This ship it has radar and torpedo. Interesting feature for me

  6. nelson for 8k dubs is an auto buy imo

  7. I’m convinced that Wargaming is pumping out so many of these mediocre premiums to saturate the container drop rate.
    The less premiums you have the less chance you have of getting a good Ship from containers (Jean Bart for example)

  8. I was in that north carolina! So excited when I saw it was you haha not my best game

  9. Bought the Nelson instead..better ship and on sale

  10. I saw this coming….. is better 100%

  11. Feel like this ship is to the Nelson like the Duke of York is to the KGV. You get supposedly better AP and some gimmick consumables in exchange for the loss of shell volume. Seems like a dubious trade off at best.

  12. This ship doesn’t look good but I will say that as far as the accuracy goes tho while the shells come out looking wonky you are hitting 50 percent of them pretty consistently in this match. I would be much more curious as to what your main battery accuracy was in this ship versus with the Nelson.

  13. Don’t think im familiar with the skill dryrating drill bits

  14. I bet ya Metajerk can get a Kraken out of it.

  15. @Moony The Loony Oh, I’m sure he will, but that’s because he’s metajerk, not because Collingwood is actually good.

  16. Full Potato Jacket

    Up it’s armour, accuracy, hp and put it at t8 and wg would have a winner. They have a damp squib instead.

  17. I am probably going to get Nelson.
    At the moment I only have Cunningham as the commander. Probably going to get either AL Hood or AL Nelson when they become available again.

  18. I like Nelson however, the ship is just too slow for the game as it is now ( 24 k.). Even with a Speed flag she is slow ,the ship needs a buff.

  19. Modern Fossil Outakes

    Pretty much in the same boat with you

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