HMS Conqueror – EPIC Loose ??!! 7 Medals 286K – World of Warships

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  1. Cool..!!!!! ?

  2. Fuck all that shit, Conquerer is a new class, ITS A FUKING SUBMARINE

  3. Conqueror lost it. A yogumo looses obviously against a Gearing in a straight up gunfight. He could have decided that fight with one HE volley. The A cap and the Yogumo were neccessary for winning this game. But you still have my compliments on that result 😀

  4. Watching people curse each other out in the chat box in German is too funny.

  5. says DD at A & doesn’t help kill it, should’ve stayed at A & helped the Yugimo 1st, have the cap advantage but left him to die to pad his damage numbers

  6. Conqueror lost this game for sure. He should have to help Yugumo first but he just wanted to do selfish dmg. Its stupid.

  7. This guy can’t use heals.

  8. MasterMic Powderpuff

    Sorry dude .. I will not watch another video of this ship until .. It gets fixed. . you know its over powed

  9. Great ship…shitty player…

  10. And I hate players who give a second by second update on how much damage they caused and how many medals they have…You lost…so it didn’t mean shit…

  11. Just a tip, loose is the type for slack in a rope. It’s still lose, just pronounced differently. English is weird.

  12. Played well why he lose because camping so Much Time on a . After cap À he should push to b

  13. Pretty poor player – he cost the team the game just so he could farm damage.

  14. 159HP after the torp hit…. men soo lucky

  15. Not bad but switching to AP time to time when he shot full broadside BBs would have helped a bit more…

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