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Yeah… we’re going to talk about the conqueror today. But first, here’s the link for this week’s giveaway (USS Enterprise):

So about the conqueror. I don’t think it should be nerfed. Yet. Hear me out.

It’s w/l is pretty much the same as the Grosser Kurfurst and the Yamato. It’s damage is more, but its a new ship. Yamato’s damage was the same when the game went gold.

I bet you anything once the masses get Conqueror, it will normalize. If it doesn’t… then let’s talk about nerfing it.

Right now, it just doesn’t have enough rounds in it.

I want to hear your thoughts. What do you think? Hit it with the nerf bat, or give it some time?


  1. Pros: Cannot be citadeled
    Has a super heal
    Has Montanan level AA
    Has cruiser concealment
    Has the best HE chance and HE shells

    Cons: weak torpedo belt?

    The only reason it dies is that they become the utmost priority target for the team that is going against them. They become the utmost priority target because Conqueror is BROKEN.

    You CAN say the Conqueror is overpowered because it is.

  2. This ship is so broken,
    WoWs as already said that next year they are going to redo the high tier British BBs along with reworking all CVs.
    They should at least make the citadel like with the Montana/Iowa and make detection a good Kilometer bigger at least

    Is id love the Enterprise =3

  3. I watched the video to avoid drawing a conclusion based on the title. I can see I wasted my time.

    Next time don’t compare winrates compare capability and stats. For example the Clemson is objectively the best t4 DD due to a combo of guns usn smoke and workable (yolo) torps and yet it’s second to last for win rate.

    You also mention that the reason people are calling op is because of frustration, the kahba is a frustrating ship to play against, is is op? kinda but the the reason it’s so frustrating is due to how hard it is to hit but there is still some counterplay. The conqueror has no real counter play other than don’t be spotted, because the only real way to reliably punish a conqueror is torps to the belt.

    All in all take a look at the ships capabilities then compare to it’s contemporaries and see where the conq sits then.

    I’ve tried my best to explain my view as objectively as possible without going too in-depth.

  4. It’s not about actual “win rate” about the Conqueror (and her sibling ships):
    – An AP monster could be conutered by angling. THIS FUCKING JOKE of a ship does more than the average AP damage on a broadside BB, shooting HE!!!
    – On AVERAGE it can get fire EACH SALVO! MORE OF THE TIME MORE THAN ONE! Basically shooting another angled BB it’s mean death. WITH NO SKILL INVOLVED

    1- remove the “bonus penetration” tha british battleships have, and bring them like the other ships
    2- lower (half) the actual HE damage, leaving the same fire chance
    3- lower significantly the firechance


    You just sound like a “we got the british battleships” fanboy

  5. hahaha. a clan mate have the conqueror. he’s an unicum, not super unicum, and he have 170k average damage. but it’s balanced.

  6. I wouldn’t look at the stats of a ship to determine whether or not it’s OP or not. That’s just catering to the low-skilled end of the playerbase, and while I do think they of course need to be able to play the game, I don’t think they should determine how ships are balanced. That’s what got the Iowa and Montana citadels buffed, and despite loving the Iowa and Monty myself, I don’t think that was a good thing personally. Less skilled players won’t get better if WG keeps giving them crutches like turtleback armour, lowered citadels and what not. If you make a mistake by firing your Iowa’s guns while broadsiding towards a Yamato at 13km and thus get spotted, you should get punished if the Yamato catches you doing so. If people complained about the Iowa and Monty being crap cus of their citadels, it’s cus they played their ships wrong, pure and simple, so the statistics really aren’t a valid argument in my opinion. I’d much rather compare pro’s and con’s of the ship and see if they even each other out. The Yamato for instance:
    Pro’s: Great guns (range, accuracy, pen, damage), second biggest hp pool, fairly agile for a tier 10 BB, lots of evil secondaries if specced for it, and great torpedo belt.
    Con’s: Large detection radius, very vulnerable to fire, lots of superstructure, only 9 guns, the turrets are painfully slow, and AA is not great for a tier 10 BB, and a very easy to hit citadel when broadsiding.
    These all mean that you can do damn well in the ship if you play well, but if you make mistakes, you simply won’t. You will be punished.
    The Conqueror? Well..
    Pro’s: Good guns, exceptional HE, insane heal, agile like the Yamato, great concealment, great AA (easily knocked out though), below water citadel which is hard to hit. Probably forgot a lot of things here as I don’t have the ship yet myself, but these are the things I’ve seen.
    Con’s: Well… I mean it has a lot of superstructure and the lowest tier 10 BB HP pool, but those are both pretty much cancelled out by the heal. It’s a big target for torps, but all tier 10 BBs are. The AA is knocked out pretty quickly, but that’s general for all tier 10 BBs too. Secondaries are pretty bad, but with concealment like this, you can get more out of the main guns to compensate for it anyway.
    I suppose that kinda proves my point.. The Conqueror has cons, but they’re only really “half cons” so to say, as they’re either a common thing with tier 10 BBs, or they’re cancelled out by the strong suits of the ship itself..

  7. “Its winrate is in line with the other ships” – which means the average plebs have already freeXP’d to it and it’s mostly them playing it, yet the damage numbers are still ridiculous. Pick any ~50%er with a Conqueror and look at the avg dmg numbers, I can guarantee you it’s going to beat the damage numbers of every single ship in the game.

    But if the firepower, or the way how incredibly easily the abomination deals damage, is not enough of an argument to you, how about you consider that this thing can heal back 40k HP within the scope of 20 seconds, for a total of ~240k effective HP, that can also be healed back 20% faster than with other BBs. You have to take half of your team to kill one single ship, and it would still take them more than an entire minute to do it. Economy degree, you say? I can’t help but wonder how much WG paid you to justify the most overpowered ship ever to be put into the game.

  8. I call bullshit. Conqueror is WAY OP. And here’s my reasoning…and its not JUST about damage numbers.
    Most players dont start playing WOWS to one day end up in a clan. But a lot of players eventually start wondering what it must be like. A large chunk of players looking for clans will be continuously shunned because of poor winrates. Now I get that you can win games when you played poorly, and you can lose games after picking up a Kraken, but once numbers start averaging out your winrate WILL be higher if you had more games where you CONTRIBUTED to your team’s success.

    So a player have the option to quit and uninstall WOWS after being shunned by some clans…or he can Git Gud. In my case I went out and by trial and error and watching LOTS of how-to videos learnt how to angle against ships, and incorporate little nuances into your play that will eventually see you end on the top of the match leaderboard more often than not. My monthly winrate for the last few months have been close to 60% with my average tier ship being 8. Let that sink in…its against players that’s been around for a while and know the game, yet my winrate is still very high.

    Then you get pitted against a Conq… he goes bow in, 15km out. No DD can get to him because of radar on other ships. He blips in and out of detection faster than you can say FIRE and he burns you after landing ONE SHELL on your superstructure. You let it a good BB player do. He sets a second fire…you send a plane up to spot where he disappeared on the map so you can nail his last know position. You get one shell hit… 1400HP. Its a joke…and it gets worse.
    Because you fired you stay lit for longer than he does. He nails you with HE again and sets two more fires…you repair…
    At the same time you know you need to get the hell out of dodge because any more fires will stick and likely be the end of you. Your repair and damage control is on cooldown and even though it is premium consumables it doesnt exactly take 20 seconds to reload.

    Shooting at the Conq has now become a gamble you cant take. You are now broadside to him while turning away, and you dont want 7 HE shells wrecking AA and secondary modules while toasting your ass.
    You feel tempted to load HE yourself, because goodness knows it will do more damage to him than a bounced AP shell will…but then reality sets in because you once saw a Conq heal himself from near death to 60% HP in less than 10 seconds…because fire damage he can get back…ALL OF IT…QUICKLY!!!!

    Did I mention I wasnt broadside once…to any ship…in my Montana? Did I mention that it took that Conq 3 minutes to demolish me…and I had NO recourse. None. Thats the kind of thing you will find when you pit a T5 Kirov against a T8 Kutuzov. Zero recourse. There is no excuse for being in a position where you have no recourse at equal tier.

    I have seen players and played with players that didnt have a single T10 ship, but accumulated free XP for 2 years. Spent doubloons to convert XP just to skip ahead to Conqueror. And now they have this single T10 ship and racking up 200k damage every match while popping cruisers at will.

    But Conqueror is not OP?


  9. The Wg management apparatchik politburo dont give a damn and just react with hostile contempt to the community, the commentators, customers and playerbase. (Just check the forums for example) and seem decided to reduce their product (as with wot and wowp) down to to lowest common denominator level, to maximize short term profit roubĺe gain , hence make a quick buck, from an more increasingly routine acme arcadey game bereft of skill or tactics, and quickly more frustrating and dull and boring than fun or stimulatingly challenging. Hopefully a professional and competent game company may buy and rescue the franchise before it dissolves and disintegrates from imbalance implosion.

  10. “the conquerer isn’t OP, i killed it with another OP ship” loled hard. NERF THE DAMN THING! they nerfed the German DDs before they even entered the game with no data. we already know the Conquerer is OP from data in the live game

  11. WR will be supressed – since the MM rework, the MM will spread ships out between teams if it can. If there are two Conqs and they aren’t in a division, the MM will spread them to each team. In those cases, if one wins, another loses – no net gain. If Nikolai was a tech tree ship, so that everyone could play it, WR probably would not be better than Conq.

    The Yamato has been SIGNIFICANTLY nerfed since it was OP in OBT; both directly (blanket BB rudder nerf and the super heal gone) and indirectly (mirror MM, improvement of the Montana, introduction of the GK where lolpen is not a factor). Of these, the equal spread MM is the most important, as it will never regain 55% WR, no matter how OP WG decides to make it.

  12. A bb should not have cruiser concealment, not to mention the rest of it.

  13. Cat With Bag on Head

    In their quest to make each nationality specifically different, they really screwed this up. They’ve turned this into something even my 14 year old son doesn’t like to play.

    So now, any Cruiser or Battleship that fires HE in a game, my buddies and I now Focus fire them down. Boy does that really make them mad

  14. Not to add fuel to the fire (pun intended) no the Conqueror does not need a nerf YET.

    I just had this discussion with one of my clan mates Sunday while he got melted by one in his Iowa. Basically I told him the exact same thing that NoZoupForYou just stated. Most Conqueror players, right now, are high experience players that were able to grind it quickly. If you think that is wrong jump the Public Test Server and you will see what I mean. The issue, to me, is more the HE spam in the game but Conqueror can be countered by a good DD. The same thing will occur with the Pan-Asian DD’s because anyone with a Anshan or LoYang will just seal club the line as they will have high point captains already.

  15. Sadly, I think you overestimate the intelligence of most of your viewers, they don’t have the facility to think about the actual differences, and things like statistics go way over most of their heads according to the thumbs down.

  16. Finally someone with common sense

  17. So you made this on playing three games with CQ? GG WP, so long; not worth my time, please go play minecraft. unsubscribed

  18. when you have a ship that will put a targeted ship on fire after every single salvo, that is the definition of OPness. When you have a ship that is making the same amount of damage or more compared to other tier 10 BBs only using HE, that is a sign of OPness

  19. Conq. has 3 BB lines rolled into one – concealment and HE should have been a French thing – low armour, low citadel, fast glass cannon, super heal and semi accuracy RN, and the Italians get manoeuvrability and hyper accuracy hyper fast rounds.

    Brits have it all.

  20. You should be rewarded for playing your ship correctly. So if you are angled properly in your North Carolina you should bounce incoming shells but if you show your broadside then you are punished heavily. The british ships remove all aspects of you playing correctly. Angled? No problem 6k and 3 fires. It requires the least amount of thought to be successful in. The below water citadel, super heal and super concealment all add to the imbalance.

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