HMS Conqueror vs YAMATO || World of Warships

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  1. Nice job m8 I subbed your my favorite

  2. Noooo Yamato 🙁

  3. thank you for sending my replay

  4. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Balance RN BBs with Massive Citadels like the Nelson… Historically RN Ships had massive Citadels… RN BBs need massive citadels like RN Light Cruisers – to balance their INSANE Firepower (like they did with Minotaur)…

    • Absolutely on spot.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer All ships of that era that didn’t have a turtleback had massive citadels. It’s was intentional to incorporate as much of the ships interior into the armour box as possible. These ships were never designed for close engagements. The exact same can be said for the US BBs. In actual fact, starting with KGV the magazine and shell rooms were placed very low just above the keel.
      What insane fire power are u talking about? The RN AP is dire. Poor Krupp values and short fuse times makes their penetration the worst gun for gun. Lion and conquerer are only passable because they are 16”. KGV and Monarch AP is shockingly poor. You’ve obvs never played the RN BBs.

  5. Bien jouer Guépard ! Tu tires toujours sur les GK comme sur moi ?

  6. Nice game

  7. In my opinion you need no Skill to drive this ship. You shoot HE on BB`s and maybe you switch to AP for Cruisers and broadsite BB`s. You have a Concealment that is questionable and a Superheal and the bullshit rate of Fire and the Fires you can start are OP. Sorry but i hate the RN BB`s.

    • The _Conqueror_ might have magical HE shells, but that only takes you so far. You have no Spotter Planes or Catapult Fighters to spot targets or defend yourself, no Hydroacoustic Search to detect hidden ships or oncoming torpedoes (either of the planes would help with this as well), your HP is the lowest of all Tier 10 battleships, and you’re slower than all said ships besides the _Yamato._ (Not to mention you’re just as susceptible to fires as any of your targets.) Plus, as her notoriety becomes better known, she’s bound to be focused down by enemy teams as soon as they spot her.

    • JamesPolymer Her lower HP pool is 100% compensated by not being able to be citadeled (because normal damage can be healed more than citadel damage) and also that it actually has the HIGHEST HP of all T10 BBs when you combine all the heals. The “lowest HP” argument is such bullshit and it’s unbelievable that people still try to use that argument when it only takes some math and logic to figure out it’s false.

    • Spoken by someone who has clearly never played the RN BBs.

  8. The first player i personaly see to know how to play the Conqueror with AP, the rest are HE spamming noobs, and nowadays they rare play her after the nerf, no first shot 2 fires, second shot 3 fires nonsense noobs. But i have to be honest he met a noob Yamato player, if he was a good player he would have deleted him i would ram him and would win tha game!

  9. War das ein replay? Oder warum ist das nicht auf deutsch?

  10. using repair party on 1 fire ,is stupid this early ,knowing u have the british super heal

  11. Confused Blue Dragon

    Using HE on enemy ships…? Okay if you’ve worked up an appetite for a barbeque but otherwise too boring…

    AP on the other hand; when you rack up some juicy citadels after 1-shotting enemy cruisers, come to Papa!! XD

  12. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    As usual, the high citadle belt of the Yamato gets owned by the submarine one Still gg sir, really well played

  13. The enemy is about to win……BOOM. The enemy is about to win…….BOOM. The enemy is about to win…….BOOM.

  14. Conqueror with any bb he is the strongest

  15. What i would give to have a yamato… but us f2p players are barred from t8+
    When I see people playing Yamato this badly it makes me cry 🙁

    • I’m f2p too. I have Yamato. Trust me, its nothing to get excited about. I was just like you. And when I finally unlocked yamato, it was downhill. I got +100 matches in her. But that ship is kinda meh. I do far better dmg on my tier 7-9 ships.And I’m no potato by any means. 63% winrate and average 66k dmg. But yamato just doesnt work for me. And I’m a main BB player.

    • Well, I dont mind the power of the ship. I think I can do wonderful in it.. but the feel of it. Its a ship I studied about…I would give a lot to have it, and I will dedicate to earn it. Him and Zao

  16. Conqueror is the ultimate troll ship with its HE shells.

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