HMS DARING First TEST / all STATS / and GAMEPLAY || World of Warships

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  1. I love the 360° Guns on the new british DD what do you think about it !?

    • great guns like Gadjah Mada. What He Pen Value does it have? 1/6 or the british 1/4 ?

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Night Crawler it better be 1/6th or id be worried of it penning base 25mm armour and 32mm with ifhe (which is cancer).
      Remember she already has a glorious 9% firechance her 114mm AP shells are SHS with the same weight as a usn 127mm. And 114 is sufficient to pen 19mm armour.

    • The Problem is that she doenst have 114mm guns. She has 113 mm guns so Daring doesnt pen 19mm plating. so basically you can pen nothing without ifhe

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Night Crawler kek didn’t notice the 113mm guns – thought it was 114…
      Mmmm 1/5th would be a better option (something I’ve been spamming with ijn 100mm that pen battleship 32mm).

      But that automatically gives Daring the ability to pen Gearing 21mm belt (which 127s can’t do). Which I think is now actually a good thing since she is clearly a gunboat.

  2. feel nothing special about the ship but the sniper trop 🙂

    • Well it seems very powerful imo, maybe even too powerful. Second best concealment, best rate of fire, very decent speed (was presented as the biggest downside of the ship, seems like they did buff this matter), best turning radius I believe, long ass hydro, very decent torpedos vith ability to drop it by unit, the heal. Let’s not call it OP already but let’s see how it goes.

    • ah my bad actually i am not a DD player, i only have one T10 DD but she is
      khabarovsk 🙂

    • Oh I’m not a DD player neither. It is just my wild analysis of this ship compared to other ! 😀 I could be wrong tho !

  3. 2 seconds reloading that’s insane

  4. A professional captain 👍 Good jop

  5. Geek turrets are tops…

  6. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    They need to remove that heal.
    I understand it’s a gunboat.
    BUT she already has decent HP – fast reloading guns – glorious HE with high 9% fire chance – her 114mm AP is super heavy and it’s the same weight as a typical usn 127mm. Meaning her pen power is strong. Plus she has the second best stealth.

    I’d prefer for them to remove the heel and trade it for Speed Boost honestly and return her original 35knot speed.

    Daring class were 30knots historically – wg already set it to 35 originally – all it needed was a speed boost.

  7. One of the worsts DD at TX in my opinion.

    • tell my why the shima is better?

    • better concealment, better torps, more hp without repair

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      DISTRA X
      Since when has Shimakaze had a base 20k hp? She has 17900hp.

      Darings base HP at 20800 is already higher than Gearing’s 19400 which is acceptable since she is a gunboat – but to add a heal is too much.

      Her 10km torps are spotted at 1.3km which is slightly stealthier than Gearing. When coupled with single fire torps she’s sufficient with torps.

      Not to mention her glorious guns firing SHS 25kg AP (matching usn 127mm despite being 113mm) and 9% fire chance HE.

      All it needs is Speed Boost end of story.

  8. 16:03 moar daka MOAR

  9. Harugumo says, Step down Khaba!
    The Daring says, Step down Harugumo!
    Its a gunboat duel, saying, Who can come up with the best gunboat?

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