HMS Daring – Kraken – 19 Torp Hits MEGA CARRY || World of Warships

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  1. Nice replay panzerknacker!

  2. Now that was a carry

  3. Wow ????

  4. the worst nightmare from any game: LAG! but very intense gameplay gg

  5. that was realy good but not a Mega Carry i think the Yamato carried quite a bit aswell

  6. I guess you could say.. He was very daring..

  7. Great play!

  8. Not permanently playing this ship has he s made for but good playing. ( And the begining was extremely dangerous: full speed ahead direction ennemy team while you are alone, meh)

  9. 1:34 that is a big ouch for the first salvo of the game lol

  10. Crazy lag, but nail biting finish.

  11. Wow, kicked the hornet nest there in the beginning!

  12. froilan fernandez

    Buen juego marino

  13. Andres Montenegro

    Division carry! Compliments to both! There are 300k+ games and I get bored watching them. This one is really pleasant to watch.

  14. That was amazing! I pleasure to watch!

  15. He is not that good player… full of luck.

  16. why was the enemy CV not spotting or searching the daring big mistake!! gg daring

  17. Lag much to get out of being damaged?

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