HMS Daring (T10 Destroyer) First Impressions | World of Warships Gameplay

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The Royal Navy Line has made its way into the ports of Community Contributors, today, we start our conversation surrounding these Destroyers by taking a look at the end game, the Daring. If you enjoyed the video backhand that like button! Feedback is always appreciated.


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  1. Reckon Daring will be a Demon for Ranked and CB, good review

  2. The ship line is really something to look forward to. Looks quite Daring ;D

    • I would agree! I’ve been really enjoying the ships bar the amount of radars you tend to encounter. A very Daring ship indeed 😉

  3. What about just using DE instead of IFHE?

    • Sadly without IFHE you will find penning even DDs difficult. With the build I had + the needed signal flags you can still get the best of both worlds with a 10% fire chance.

  4. Thx! Could you skip expert marksman and use Adrenalin rush?
    Keep up your good work

    • You could skip expert marksman for adrenaline rush but you would only ever get a massive amount of kick from adrenaline rush on the torpedoes. The percentage of reload speed increase wouldn’t net anything special on the guns. I would personally stick to further improving the guns for DD combat (what the ship is good for).

      Cheers mate 🙂

    • Kyriakos Stefanakos

      The British captain, Jack Dunkirk, is influencing his build. He is taking advantage of his bonuses.

  5. great..another HE spammer to harass us bb players.but a great review and look forward to seeing other dd games

    • Appreciate it Firmbie! She is certainly a ship that can cause a lot of damage in certain situations, but she can be situational!

  6. thecommentor9898

    Unless i missed something ONLY supertester and the like have this ship.

    Are you a supertester o.O
    Also more wows, yay wows.

  7. Ahh cool DD 🙂

  8. Thing is, the RN cruiser line is also high skill cap, so at least there’s a theme. How often do you see them and obliterate them as often played by poor players, yet when a good player uses them you can change the game immensely and rack up some huge numbers. I don’t mind that.

  9. Kyriakos Stefanakos

    If she had the mino acceleration, /4 for HE, and narrow/single spread I would play her…. otherwise I won’t bother with the line. I would rather play my Grozovoi… with the legendary, which i have, it is only 2.95 reload, but I can live with that since I also get 3 heals and awesome balistics. Basically this ship is a British mini cruiser with no heal and HE. Not impressed.

  10. Damn. I haven’t watched one of your vids since at least 2015. Intro is so weird to me. Lel. But good.

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