HMS Exeter // “It’s always sunny in Yorkshire”

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Exeter is definitely in Yorkshire and you should totally trust me on this, since whenever have I gotten a fact wrong?


is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. As soon as I saw all those misses and the terrible reload I noped the hell out of wanting that ship.

  2. Jedi in hotfix 8.1.1:
    Fixed bug with the width of Exeter’s torpedo aim. Now the second option launches torpedoes in a narrow spread, instead of wide.

  3. Looking forward to unboxing this after the Exeter Marathon, stage 3 tomorrow night. I would love to have a crack at “The Knight of Devon” Combat Mission’s? To achieve that I would have to unlock Exeter immediately after stage 4 opens, and maybe do the rest in a couple of hours. Just wondering if you think that rewards for events should be delivered in Containers? So the winner can unlock when they obviously log in. Lots of times I get Premium Time, but not able to access do to patch downloads and server being down, so could loss 4 hours of my premium, which seems not much, but it makes a difference when you are low tiered and grinding hard. Would love to hear your thoughts?
    And Best wishes for St. Patrick’s Day, and the countdown to April!! Warp engines engage! Make it so

  4. Side note:
    The Furry Taco also has 4 torps per side (Top hull) and 10km range

  5. “It’s good so long as it’s left alive to do its thing.”
    Well…yeah. So are all the ships 🙂

    • Quiet you. 😛

      What I was trying to get at, and could possibly have articulated better, is that while some ships present a more immediate threat, others only really become dangerous over a longer time-frame; Exeter is definitely the latter, whereas most of the light cruisers at that tier are more the former because of their potential for IFHE spam and more reliable fire-setting ability.

  6. It needs a little reload buff. A second or two would be great. Alternatively, give it a kilometer range on the guns. The thin armour is something players whould be able to work with…not like the Omaha, Königsberg, Bertin or Kirov are well endowed.

  7. If WG had decided to keep the smoke, then I would have offered them 25 of our fine British Sterling.

  8. Looking forward to getting this for free although I am not looking forward to the last week grind.

  9. See they want it as a Tier 5 so that everyone buys it, then in a year or so itll be made Tier 6 once they’ve made their money

  10. Message from Commander Exeter Sir! “Can make Falklands if ordered, request permission revise list of spares”

  11. is it T5 so that it cant be used in Missions ? is WG actually thinking ?!

  12. Exeter . Yorkshire?????

    • As it’s a York class cruiser, my brain naturally decided to jump to Richard III (as writted by that famous play-guy, Shakespeare) with that famous opening line about the sun of York, and from there… well, you can guess the rest.

      (Also yes, Exeter is definitely in Yorkshire.)

  13. I’m undecided about it. Not much middle ground – either does well or gets deleted quickly. As you say depends an awful lot on the map.

  14. I see WG bean-counters have prevailed and they are back to only offering this ship as a package on the NA server. You have to fork over $36 to get a tier 5 with extra flags, etc. No thanks WG.

  15. Lmao Exeter in Yorkshire xD

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