HMS Exeter shows T5 ships what 203mm AP is || World of Warships

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  1. I hope she gets her smoke back in 8.2.

  2. Higher score than a Giulio Cesare? Now that is incontrovertible proof that it must be OP…

  3. meh not impressed

  4. The removal of the smoke makes it better balanced – the smoke + hydro + heal with 203mm at T5 was way OP.

  5. love her don’t nerf pleaseeeee

  6. This is a tier 6 ship, it’s like putting a town class cruiser at tier 7 and giving it overpowered consumables, oh wait.

  7. I have no problem with low tier British bbs being overpowered, it is historical 🙂

  8. Looks a lot like the Furutaka. The IJN cruiser would be slightly better if not for the Repair Party consumable.

    All in all I don’t think the Exeter improves the game, they should have hit it a bit more with the nerfbat imho.

  9. They should move it to T6 as it’s clearly over powered at it’s tier.

    • Nope..First they have to sell it as an OP ship at t5.. give it a year for the Exeter to be moved to t6.. Classic WG move

  10. 8 inch guns at tier 5… in a cruiser… pure oof

  11. Hey stop. It’s Pensacola’s job to teach tier V what 203 looks like. Ur making them lose jobs.

  12. wtf? HE?

  13. This title shows that Exeter is the 1st Tier V CA with 8 inch guns.

  14. That “friendly” emile needs to burn in hellfire

  15. Your carriers were worthless..

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