HMS Glowworm Teaser Trailer

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Just a short teaser of another project that SpacePickShovel’s been working on.


  1. Really looking forward to another one of these. Is there a link for the Bismarck one you did last?

  2. Finally, Jingles really needs to do these things more often!

  3. When will we finally get an audiobook from you ?

  4. Flat deck Tsundere Heavy Cruiser

    *Leave the Chat*

  5. Time to ram. Lets hope Admiral Tsundere doesnt get rammed by Glowworm

  6. RIP the sailors of :

    HMS Ardent
    HMS Glowworm
    HMS Glorious

    Edit.. totally forgot HMS acasta
    Shame on me.


  8. I Looked at one of SpacePickShovel’s videos, and I’m now anticipating this video as much as the “RAMMING SPEED!” Commenters want Glowworm to be implemented with a Ramming Buff! 🙂

  9. I wish I would live in UK just to secretly sneak into Jingles home, set up his microphone correctly, pet Akizuki and sneak back out.
    Jingles you are crap. Never change.

    • Be nice, he had to record this teaser inside of a shoe box…
      …just to he wouldn’t get cat noises littered about the clip.


    The story is about Glowworm ramming into Hipper, and Hipper saving the crews of Glowworm and persuading the Brits to award Glowworm’s crew a medal.

    It’s an emotional story that showed the inner humanity of both captains and their crew.

    • “I’m gonna ram that ship”
      Are you sure, captain? They’re germans. You know how ruthless they are.
      “Private, you have a point. I’m gonna ram that ship, jump onboard and persuade them into asking the british if we can get an award”
      Captain, that’s not what I…

    • That happened somewhat often after naval battles. After a victory, they’d go and rescue the survivors. Obviously, most of them would be prisoners and it depends on how much spare space you have, but it’s a nice gesture after blowing eachother up, I suppose.

    • A Rather Livid Moose

      @Nigel cite Panzerschiff graf spee

  11. *hears a very large amount of holy hand grenades going off in rejoice right now*

  12. You should do audio books for naval history books mate. Would be immense.

  13. Александр Воробьёв

    Three Centuries to Build a Tradition.

  14. Pressed like instantly, I know this will be good.

  15. So, a Documentary-focused channel when Jingles?

  16. “Admiral Tovey & I share similar traits; what I call in myself, ‘tenacity of purpose’, I can only describe in Tovey of being sheer bloody-mindedness”. Paraphrase of a quote attributed to Kelly from a book. I just like that.
    Glowworm is a class act. (Is this the same ship as the photo of the matelot clinging to the pointy-end, above the waves?)

  17. When Prince Philip has sex with a glow in the dark condom. HMS Glowworm, ramming speed!

  18. History documentaries should hire jingles to narriate for them, he’s good at it.

  19. You should put in a request for them to make a ship that pays homage to the HMS Thunderchild, brave defender of British civilians that fell in battle against the Martian Menace!

  20. オークガブリエル

    Unleash the Azur Lane HMS Glowworm memes, ramming the first ship she sees.

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