HMS Goliath (WiP) / “Captains with acrophobia need not apply”

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Following on from the Hawkins, we find ourselves at the top of the RA CA line, in a ship that resembles nothing more than the love-child of a Nelson and a Minotaur…


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  1. 9.2 inch = 234 mm guns.
    2-3-4 very simple to remember.
    The 9.2 inch caliber is a resurrection of sorts of a standard secondary battery in British Pre-Dreadnought battleships and main battery of British Armored Cruisers.
    The 9.2 inch caliber was retired when Britain started to build Dreadnought Battleships and Battlecruisers.
    When Winston Churchill became 1st Sea Lord on the 3rd of September 1939 he proposed a return of this particular gun caliber with the aim to arm future British heavy cruisers with it.
    Unfortunately no R&D with this caliber of gun had been done in the last 3 decades and most of its workshops, tools, infrastructure to make and service this gun and its
    ammunition had been retired and scrapped.
    To build the 9.2 inch gun required to start from scratch.
    It was estimated that to built 3 cruisers armed with the 9.2 inch gun would cost as much as 2 Vanguard class battleships.
    With War already raging and funding going towards more pressing weapons that could be put to service faster like destroyers and support carriers this ambitious cruiser project was shelved.

    The Americans encountered the same issues with “resurrecting” an old gun caliber with the Alaskas.
    A 16″ turret on the Iowa costs 1.4 million to build
    A 12″ turret on the Alaska costs 1.55 million to build despite being slightly over half the weight.

  2. Japan, Italy and Germany still need a T10 light cruiser.

  3. I’d rather have a solid cruiser line than a heavily gimmick-ed one that is so gimmick-ed that the gimmicks actually hinder the ship though WG decisions on how to balance them… or in the Italians case not upset RU BB players that don’t like getting set on fire…

  4. I am more than happy to have a solid heavy cruiser without any random gimmick, as long as it’s actually competitive

    • One thing I’ve seen suggested which seems like a very minor change but would be a huge buff, turning the bow and stern from 25mm to 30mm. Some have even suggested giving her a 32mm bow and stern which I wouldn’t be against as it would be a sensible trade off for having the lowest DPM of any of the tier 10 cruisers.

  5. Absolutely amazing 🙂 – Thanks for the video, and keeping the game up-to-date! 🙂

  6. Seems like it deals damage like a light cruiser (HE spammer, Weak AP), but with better range and some reasonable armour. A different take on “heavy cruiser” compared to the other heavy and super heavy cruisers. Feels a bit too mediocre at the moment though – why would you play this over the Hindy or HIV?

    • Proving that what’s on the spec sheet on a page about this ship doesn’t reflect what’s in the game’s programming logic.
      Maybe they’ll buff the damage on those shells in a later modification.

  7. Jedi, does your pointy hair cover a pointy head? Asking for a surgeon-friend.

  8. Think they need to pump the brakes on these releases.

  9. This is the T10 offering then, Oh Dear I’ve been saying I’m dreading what a Russian with a Keyboard continues to do to one of the worlds greatest navies, why not give it a 72 second turret traverse as well. Revenge for sending them the well worn Spitfires in1941 ? Thank’s for the review Jedi I hope they do something sensible with it in the end.

  10. What does this have over say the Zao?

  11. Re-Class Battleship

    The big problem I see with Goliath is that she would have been a good addition over two years ago. Before the French cruisers came.

    She seems a solid fire farmer so far, unfortunately, for heavies alone that field is crowded. Zao is the old standby, Hindenburg can do the farming quite well as well and is good to go with a 10 pointer as she doesn’t need IFHE to pen 50mm, DM, Salem and Moskva bring Radar, Henri brings speed and the MBRB and the ability to damage 50mm plating with IFHE. Stalingrad is more of an anti-BB cruiser, but that doesn’t mean she can’t deal with cruisers. Yoshino has massive range and good firestarting capabilities. Puerto Rico looks to be a promising strong CB.

    Poor Goliath is basically competing for the “Long-range Tech Tree HE slinger that can damage 50mm plating” spot and Henri and Hindenburg both have her beat in that role. In 2016 or 2017, she would have been an interesting heavy cruiser, a contender for Hindenburg. But ever since Henri IV got crowned queen of long-range HE farming, there is no real reason to go for another line. We have our queen and Goliath is a pretender to the throne with no real hope of being able to one day say “La reine est morte, long live the Queen!”

  12. reactive armour thats the gimmick

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