HMS Hawkins (WiP) / “Coming soon to an Armada near you!”

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Build some heavy cruisers, they said. It’ll be useful, they said. Though, somehow, compared to other navies, the RN seems to have been never quite fully convinced about the idea…


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  1. So, about the same as HMS Exeter…

  2. That first ships name was Norwegian-ballsackvirus… just fyi.

  3. Emerald does have two quads per side, which follows a nice pattern (IV had Two x triples per side, the III had two x Twin per side)

  4. Looks like Kolberg shell arcs. Even at tier 3 that was misery

  5. As far as covering the new premium ships, I believe you’ll be forgiven by most, if you skip over the new premium Pan-Asian DD, simply because of the name alone. The “locker room” humor regarding that ship’s name is already well under way, at least on the NA server. Honestly, WG would be well served hiring someone who is well versed in English-language slang, to prevent such embarrassments – apparently they didn’t learn their lesson, when in one of the previous Halloween events, they originally referred to the green fog as the “Taint”, and had to hurriedly change it to silence some rather obnoxious jokes going round.

  6. I saw the Hawkins played on one of the NA CC’s streams about a week ago. It looks as though my initial assessment was correct – it’s an Emerald, without the redeeming qualities of the Emerald’s smokescreen and formidable torpedo loadout. In short, they’ve made a Tier5 RN cruiser that’s WORSE than the pre-buffed Emerald. Thank you, but no, I don’t relish repeating THAT experience.

  7. Take away the torps and I’m not sure if this thing can beat a tier3 Saint Louis.

  8. Ouch…. that looked painful. You worked hard for that 55k that’s for sure. 🙂

  9. “Having an unplanned beaching” – so you forgot to point out the other thing these ships seem to be really good at – running aground 😀

  10. I far prefer Danae to Emerald!!

  11. A couple of hours? Are you going through a masochistic phase? ?

  12. Oh god, it’s bringing back flashbacks of early Furry Taco

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