HMS HOOD – rockets for AA protection ?? – World of Warships

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Wargaming revealed the existence HMS , it will be a British at Tier 7 maybe a premium or even BC. It has torpedoes rockets for AA protection.
what you think about her ?

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  1. wow – cant wait for the british BB / BC
    HURRY UP wargaming…. =)

  2. Detonation jokes incoming ? ^^

  3. That seems really OP… long reload???

  4. The Bimarck will have a 100% detonation chance modifier on the fith salvo when targeting the Hood for fun and enganging gameplay.

  5. Will the hood be made out of citadels in game too.

  6. Артем Бояринцев

    And still no Type 3 rounds for the Japanese… WG, you are full of shit.

  7. Ian & Caroline Duckworth

    I have to say what youve done here is utterly fantastic well done

  8. Warspite’s guns at tier 8? Doesn’t sound too good to me. I love them at tier 6, though.

  9. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I can already see jingles sailing this out in first match saying how much RNG the real life Bismarck had gets in tier 8 match shows the side and BOOM detonated by a Bismarck and says: oh my British big mouth

  10. HMS HOOD vs KMS BISMARCK it’s clash of titans

  11. clickbait

  12. +Panzerknacker, sorry if im offending you, but at 1:16 she’s not HMS Hood, but it’s an Queen Elizabeth-class battleship.
    Also, im sorry if my’s English wrong

  13. The Bismarck likes this

  14. I cannot wait for the King George V battleship

  15. well Hood was rekt by Bismarck primary ‘s

  16. there is no Citadel armor
    only Magazine armor lol :DD

  17. I am quite interested what is the T10 BB.Cant wait to kill it by my G.Kurfurst.XD Maybe I can get 10 cidedels on that BB.

  18. And Bismarck laughs….

  19. pause at 022 look at tab AA Guns then u see rockets

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