HMS King George V / Neighbours / “The Blob”

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Okay, okay, so there *may* also be some use of HE in this battle too.


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  1. I gave this a like just for the title 🙂

  2. Don’t get shouty? My ears would like to disagree based on your last stream. 😉
    But overall well played, except for the Kraken greed. I feel you on that one

  3. Very good video and commentary regards a good ship. Thank you.

  4. So this is where PHJ’s contrary use of AP in UKBBs began?

  5. Apart from Monarch most RN BBs actually have fairly well performing AP shells for their tier. I have suprised so many people with some nasty AP salvoes in the King George. And yes Expert Loader is very handy, especially if you’re unspotted and setting up for an ambush

    • Yeah, that has been my experience as well – at least until KGV, which I only started playing today.

    • Her guns are pretty good but the dispersion can be a bit wonky thanks to the quad guns creating wider spreads. If you can get within ~13-14km you can get some pretty good AP results on any broadside you find. Having great concealment helps as well if you’ve unlocked Concealment Expert for your captain since KGV has one of the best or the best concealment for a T7 BB

  6. Sebastian Pricop

    Darth Greedious there at the end, are you?

  7. nice video, and KGV is one of my favorite ship. I remember when RNG really loves me, able to sunk donskoi (2/3 hp deleted) with one full HE salvo… yes it was inside 10 km so the penetration was disgustingly fun : )

  8. there’s no such thing as unnecessary sarcasm! and I think i must be one of the few people that enjoyed the Monarch more than the KGV, i preferred having a more well rounded ship than the HE spam gimmick

  9. Robert Pettigrew

    Do not have KGV yet but do have the Duke of York and while just HE is easy way to score damage I found that when I mixed shell types I got far better scores. I gave found this with all of the British BB (including the Nelson) I doubt people who just fire HE get the monster scores but people like you that use the correct shell type in the right way that will get those scores.

  10. People seriously underrate the British BB AP. Especially on the KGV. I had some of my best games with it. And the Monarch is such a disgusting letdown after that. Lower fire chances, terrible main gun caliber, and you end up just getting deleted before your pop guns get in range. My grind has come to stop it is so bad.

  11. “intelligent,” honourable” in WOWs? Hmmm… What do these terms mean?

  12. Aside from getting fires, dropping RN HE shells on enemy BBs can be quite powerful during CV games. “Nice AA you’ve got there. Would be a shame if somebody wiped out all your mid-range mounts after 2 salvos.” Another way that RN BBs have too-strong HE.

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