HMS Monarch AP only! World of Warships

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  1. i think monarch’s ap is better than stock lion’s AP

  2. Not realy ! Her guns shot strait once you know how to use them . live the monarch my self .

  3. I always used to fire more AP than HE in my Monarch. Made it onto the Lion.

  4. do you ever have vids featuring Hans?

  5. I em not a scared boy

    Can we see more Conqueror vids with 2 guns in 4 turrets please? Loved the vid! :]

  6. Something’s wrong when we have to revere a battleships use of AP

  7. Mann muss nicht immer mit HE schießen bei Britten BB

  8. Alexandr Abramovsky

    Dat Nagato (facepalm)

  9. Dude this nagato…..

  10. He is lucky that enemies are even worse cause he didn’t play that good…

  11. That Nagato was really realistic… learn from British…
    (Japanese ship were learned from British)

  12. That lex ap drop……

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