HMS Monarch / “No gods or kings, only battleships”

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Who needs those other kinds of ships anyway, am I right?


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:

Want to see me playing live?


  1. First? 😛

  2. Fun game, had of few those games in recent months, but as you say a rare thing as mostly the team gets steam rolled / sunk in short order when they run out of space to fall back to.

  3. edinburgh – british destroyer, sure PointyHairedJedi, sure ……

  4. Quick question, I dealt 118,000 damage in a Tier 7 game in my Fubuki the other day. Would that be considered respectable? It was definitely my best game ever.

    • Respectable – a very good game. Not spectacular, not epic, but quite good. However, other factors would make it better – did you have multiple solo caps, or spot for a large amount of damage for teammates, etc. For example, I have comparable Colorado game with 125K dmg, but also spotted for 61K and had a potential damage taken of 1.2M, plus a cap assist, with dreadnought, close combat expert, devastating strike, and confederate. Stuff like that would also count for game “quality”, if such a thing exists. 🙂 (I don’t consider my game to be epic BTW, but pretty good).

    • EvilTimNum666 Not really. Mainly stayed in and around the A cap because that’s where the targets were. I think I got a Devastating Strike but no other medals. I didn’t save the score screens so don’t know the other stats.

    • Also, the average damage in a Fubuki is sub-30K on both RU and EU, so 118K is actually very good.

  5. Sorry Jedi, some really bad shooting by you in this game.

  6. Hi mate. Good content as always. Can you do some content explaining why you pick certain tactics and in hindsight what would have been better

  7. you might try using some HE?

  8. “Boop.” I was just saying to wife last night that someone should make a sound mod that replaced the “hit” sound with a boop.

  9. The thing is you can on average have ok games firing only HE but to have regular good games switching ammo is needed in British BB’s. Knowing when the cruiser is turning to hit his broadside or a BB to get maximum damage will lead to great game, pure HE is a no brain way of always having a decent game.

  10. What PSU did you choose?

  11. Hood has american CA AP-autobounce mind you!

  12. Question Jedi. If RN BB’s did get nerfed HE, what would you give them to counterbalance the loss? Most of the RN BB’s have terrible pen for tier, (as you noted with hood), and thats not artificial, (it’s based on real shell stats), so what would they get instead to counterbalance that?

    • The simplest thing would be an ROF buff, but there are other things you could do instead of that.

    • I’d point out that by and large most of the RN BB’s in game allready have several seconds shaved off realistic reload times, (AFAIK no RN BB ever got below a 30 second cycle and most went over 35 seconds, Nelsons had a cycle of 50 seconds and th 15″ was between 32 and 26 seconds depending on weather your talking Hood or everyone else respectively).

      That said fair enough, the main reason i brought it up is a lot of people like to suggest nerfing the HE but don’t seem to be willing to acknowledge that RN AP has issues vs other BB’s and i wanted to see how you responded. It;s something that risks getting lost in the noise IMO.

      Also an aside just in case you don’t know, (it;s not clear from your videos, but i may be forgetting somthing somwhere), the RN HE isn’t actually artificially buffed, RN HE and especially their BB HE was generally a lot better than everyone elses.

    • Worth noting that the HE still has the highest HE damage values out of any other ship line… nerf the fire chance and maybe make the Expert Loader perk a %75 reduction for all british captains a la Seagull?

  13. 要用HE ,還有你旁白好吵,跟老奶奶一樣

  14. I just recently got past the monarch and into the lion, but i shot almost all AP in monarch, the guns work nice but the HE isnt broken like on Lion or Conq..

  15. You’re so right about the Hood. The issue is that if they buffed her AP to German levels she’d be monstrously OP.

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