HMS Nelson – its OK i hold this – 216K Dmg || World of Warships

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Confederate, Devestating Strike x2, Dreadnought, Kraken Unleashed, Fireproof, First Blood, High Caliber

Captain Skills: Priority Target, Expert Marksman, Adrenaline Rush, Super Intendend, Fire Prevention

Key Situations
– First Blood devistating strike to a Graf Spee

– Friendlies fleeing the right flank leaving me alone up therew

– Citadelhits against the

– Budyonny peppering me from behind an island

– Devistating strike on the budyonny

– Citadelkill on the Mogami

– Rushing in into the Cleveland which where together

– Killing the Cleveland and almost the New Mexico solo

– Rushing to the enemy cap to finnish off the enemy Gneisenau and double Scharnhorst platoon and a Edinbrugh

– Getting Kraken and lots of against these guys and survive till the end!

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  1. Thanks Panzerknacker for featuring my game in the Nelson <3. It was a cracking game!! Hooaah!

  2. Finnaly. Player that’s understand how to use Nelson, not spamming HE and use AP

  3. Show them what we got chaps!

  4. And this is why tiers 6 and 7 are the best tiers for any kind of competitive play. Battleships (except the KGV) still fire AP, cruisers don’t have bullshit troll armour that can negate any and all skill, carriers are a little harder to play because of how few planes they have in reserve, and of course, there are no ships like the Khabarovsk. Its fun, it makes sense to play this tier rather than tier 10. This is how battleships should be played, and not just spam HE like fcking morons. Well done!

  5. Dispersion is awesome, would love to have that a 12 round salvo from my Furst… how he used the angling and got out full salvos, played the islands, and and waited for the right shots…..good player…….kind of lucky to only have cruisers in the beginning….must have been nice watching them poof… satisfying

  6. I want to cry for his enemy when he pop his first health www

  7. I have 150,000 free exp, was thinking that i should convert some to get the Nelson

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      Grace Zhang you an save it for Musashi tho I would only get Nelson after the Missouri and Musashi But go ahead with it

  8. He gets Dreadnought on 63% health.

  9. what is the song of outro

  10. That bloody myoko, 3 of his kills were ‘kill secures’ 😛

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