HMS Nelson / “Keep Carry and Calm On”

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World is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Its always enjoyable yo see good old Nelson kicking some ass lol

    I usually use mist HE on mine… That fire chance and HE damage is so good I just set it there and forget >.>

  2. Very nice game, Jedi, and yes, you are perfectly correct when it comes to the RN 15″ shells. They are on the upper end of the HE “food chain” for 15″, but they don’t have the attributes that make them the first choice of ammunition.

  3. Man the Nelson is such a fun design

    I also think watching you play more Mars Horizon could be fun if you feel like it 😀

  4. GG, despite—or thanks too—struggling team mates. Really nice flotilla moving around at the end there.👍
    As for content: more ship reviews please!

  5. I really enjoy seeing ships that none of the other channels bother to cover anymore. Not everyone has the latest ship and there might be many new players working towards a Nelson. Ships that played well a year ago don’t necessarily play that well or the same now with the new metta. Scharnhorst jumps to mind there. Keep doing what you do and enjoy what you’re doing.

  6. Yay, cat!

  7. New Mexico was MVP 🙂

  8. Happy new year PHJ. As to where I’d like you to go on your channel, more of the same. As long as you enjoy doing it, I’ll enjoy viewing it.

  9. Thanks Jedi, Nelson is one of my favourite ships in the game. Just a bit squishy at times but heaps of fun to play. Happy New Year to you as well.

  10. Cat Vlog when

  11. Happy New Year Jedi!

  12. Ship counter play. All the video’s show you how to play a ships but not how to fight it.
    Just an idea.
    And cat cam the the beast of the very North 🐱 SAM 🐈

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