HMS Plymouth: Ship Review (World of Warships)

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00:00 Index
01: TL;DR Summary
03:07 Summary Continuation & Gameplay
11:08 Specifications: Armor
11:45 Survivability
12:02 Artillery
13:27 Torpedoes
14:14 AA Defense
15:20 Maneuverability
16:02 Concealment
16:20 Upgrades
19:21 Consumables
19:48 Skills
22:57 Singals
24:08 Final Thoughts
25:34 Post-Match Results

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  1. No superheal?

  2. Hi Folks, just to make it abundantly clear, the final base main battery reload for the Plymouth will be 6.5s.

    Also, credit to Philipp for pointing out that her radar range is 9km, not 10km.

  3. Looks quite interesting! πŸ™‚

  4. another broken ship for a broken game


  6. Unfortunately, commander wise, this all changes in January. How is she going to be affected? Based on their updates, Atlanta, Atlanta B and Flint will NOT be viable anymore. Loss of BFT and especially AFT makes their range 11.1. You cannot play that ship with that kind of range and reduced rate of fire.

    • aft/bft affect 139 or less, plymouth has 150’s. so plymouth shouldn’t be affected much other than the lack of superintendent

  7. Hey Iolair, awesome vid mate. I am a dementia care worker and must admit I was having a really S**t day at work today. Just sat down with my cup of tea (Yep I am English lol) and watched your vid, my day has got so much better. Cheers Iolair. Now for next vid about Z-44 bring it on. Cheers for all the effort you put in, Cheers Evan

    • Wow, that is indeed a challenging occupation. Thank you for caring for others who require significant support. I’m glad the video lifted your spirits. Take care and stay healthy, my friend.

  8. Seems like a very interesting ship that would be fun to play. Just 18,000 steel to go. ;(

  9. Great review. This looks very strong and a fun ship to play.

  10. Let me guess.. Its OP..

  11. I don’t play Ranked etc so this is as close as I’ll get to her, the future may be a bit bleak with the Captain Skill “Changes” (I kept that polite πŸ€”) seems a bit hard on Royal Navy Lights amongst others, and that AA won’t suffice either according to many observers but hey we’ll see. Thank’s Iolair πŸ‘πŸ‘

  12. Jorge Molina Guillen

    Thanks for the review πŸ™‚

  13. great review, thank you for taking the time to make it.

  14. I expected her to be a coal ship πŸ™

  15. Thank you for the excellent review of an (for me) unexpected ship. Looks interesting. Could someone tell me please the difference between a “Premium” Ship vs a “Special” Ship?

    • Premium ships can be purchased for money (including doubloons). Specials ships are only at tier X and cannot be purchased with money/doubloons. The ARP Yamato breaks that mold, so she’s the asterisk in this classification.

    • @An Iolair Ghorm TY, but the characteristics are the same? Swap commanders, extra XP, etc?

    • @An Iolair Ghorm Also, I’ve got a “Special” Devonshire. Gold wreath around a silver ship outline. I’m a bit confused. Kansas is the same.

    • Ships in early access like the Kansas are treated as “special” (can’t purchase them). Special ships get the same commander-sharing benefits, and unless the special ship is simply an early-access tech-tree ship, special ships get other premium ship treatment (XP, credits, etc.).

  16. I think it’s a bit op,but anyways good video.

  17. Thanks for a thorough review. I am bummed that Plymouth is a steel ship… Oh well. I guess all that coal I was saving for it can go for something else πŸ˜‰

  18. Muahahaha πŸ˜‰

  19. british smolensk?

    • Not exactly. The Smolensk is more of a raw damage-farmer. The Plymouth will be better suited at close cap and area support, if playing to win games. She could also be a strong damage-farmer, too, if desired.

  20. Bro, i LOVE how you structure your video, PERFECT WORK!!! I highly appreciate how you display the informations about Equipment, Flags and CaptianSkills πŸ˜‰ I can see that you take a lot of time into your videos and I hope you get more views for it, you deserve it !!!

    p.s. : one small mistake at 16:08 you say “with a 10km radar range” but its 9km πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you, Philipp! Very kind words, indeed! I’m pleased you enjoyed the review.

    • Correct, 9km on the radar, not 10km.

    • Hi Philipp, thanks again for catching my mistake. This was a serious enough error in my opinion to warrant a correction video (which I just posted). If you wouldn’t mind, could you please let me know your WoWS IGN and the server you play on? OK to send to me via Discord PM if you prefer.

    • @An Iolair Ghorm i prefer via discord, joined your server, but were can I leave it?

    • No worries, I just sent you a PM on Discord. I also leave my Discord handle in the descriptions of my videos (under “Where to find Iolair”).

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