HMS Repulse Royal Navy Battlecruiser World of Warships Wows First Look

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How to Play British Royal Navy Battlecruiser HMS Repulse World of Warships Wows Ship Build Captain Skills Guide How to play Royal Navy Battlecruisers guide including ship build upgrades + bb captain skills review tips & tactics.

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0:00 HMS Repulse Build + Speed
2:48 HMS Repulse Armor Layout
6:50 HMS Repulse Survivability + Main Battery Stats
8:54 Main Battery Comparisons to other Tier 6 Battleships
10:40 HMS Repulse Speed comparisons to other tier 6 Battleships

HMS Repulse is a Renown class battlecruiser armed with six 381 mm guns in three twin turrets, similar to those mounted on Queen Elizabeth class battleships. Classified as a battleship in World of Warships Repulse has high speed and a large number of hit points, but relatively weak armor.
Thanks to her good range and accuracy, the best tactic for Repulse is to play at long range. Her high movement speed will help to quickly change flanks and take advantageous positions.



  1. Hello and welcome everyone, today’s video features a first look at the brand new WIP still in testing HMS Repulse, tier 6 British Royal Navy battlecruiser that does get a battleship classification in World of Warships. No gameplay yet but an indepth look at it’s current stats. armor layout, gunpower etc. Let me know what you think in the comments and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7

  2. She looks gorgeous!

  3. The historical ship pioneered Torpedo Beats 75 years before it became a thing in WoWs.

  4. The Bearded Warrior

    You can’t overmatch what you can’t catch

  5. Refreshing to see some classic ships at the mid-tiers! I really enjoy the games in the tier 6-7 range.

    Random, but I wonder if WG will offer the “Unsinkable Sam” ships again?

  6. HMS Repulse, the torpedo beat that started it all. Dodging 20 torps in a bb is insane. Can’t wait to get my hands on this bb.

  7. I honestly don’t care if Repulse is a good ship to play, the fact she’s been added enough for me.

  8. When should we see USS Johnston, USS Laffey DD-724, USS Wisconsin, HMS Prince of Wales? Naming a few examples here…

  9. 38.1 knots at T6! Can we add afterburner too? 🙂 But seriously a little better armor would have a little better than only16 mm bow. Speed vs. armor/weight paradigm strikes again. Sounds like the best way to play this ship is to ‘shoot and scoot’.

  10. Thank you for looking over this ship. I look forward to any RN ships coming being that I am British. 30 Second reload. I thought it would be 25. so a bit odd. Keep up the good work

  11. Surely great speed or not, with that bow armour, citadels shouldn’t be that hard if you know how to aim properly? I don’t often find the Georgia that hard to give a good paddling to.

  12. Very similar to the Hood, use speed and fast rudder shift to quickly angle against shells.

  13. I can’t wait for this to come out on Legends.

  14. Waiting on the Rodney to come out

  15. I’m gonna Like this Boat… Looks like Fun so Far… lol

    Love the Warspite, this’ll be atlot more Fun in terms of Getting to the Fight… Looks like a German Influenced Boat, but that’s just my Opinion, whatta I know… lol

  16. Can’t wait to get this ship, one that I have been asking for, along with HMNZS Gambia representing New Zealand.

  17. Same guns as Warspite so hopefully Repulse will have similar accuracy.

  18. I really hope they don’t make this as bad as the Belfast 43. Such a great real British ship and that makes me feel they will ruin it. 30 second reload is disappointing though for 6 guns

  19. Oh she looks lovely.

  20. That poor thing is going to be on fire a lot…lol. SAP will farm it down pretty quick too. Hopefully that speed will allow it to disengage before it gets beat down too bad.

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