Holy Cow is Back – World of Warships

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Tier 5 premium USN BB, Texas, is back in full swing and kicking bootie, boaty, floaty thingies.

After this match we were done with it, happy to report it was a success

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I love texas, low tiers are so much more fun these days than supershits, subshits and supersitcvs

  2. Low tier American BB’s boil my piss, I just want to punch the Monitor. Well played dude

  3. I’ve been on the actual Texas. It’s the world’s last remaining Dreadnaught.

    • She’s in drydock in Galveston right now, getting her hull repaired and strengthened. You’ll be able to go again.

    • Way back in the day you could sit in the trainer seat of the Bofors mounts and spin them around. Kind of fun for a twelve-year-old. If you did something stupid and got hurt it was your own fault.

    • @Old_Guard All I remember was the dentist’s office. I remember as kid thinking even the sailors have to go to the dentist.

    • The team behind the restoration is great too, they have an amazing YouTube channel with constant updates on the progress of it, would definitely recommend anyone check it out if they like their warships.

  4. Talking at the start about how Superships and new stuff isn’t getting proper stats online WG are apparently redoing the API so places like wows numbers can get accurate data.

    Sometime over summer is all that was announced.

  5. Last video of texas gave me inspiration to take few Old ships for spin

  6. Now imagine you play since open beta and in 80% of all cases you fire on an enemy they got away with less than 500HP even when you citadell the crap out of them. Welcome in my world.

  7. Yargh, Matey! Do you remember ancient times when it was actually possible to have useful AA on a surface ship? USS Texas was the scourge of the seven seas. (Or five maps. Or three maps. Whatever it was you got at Tier V.)
    Before World of Warplanes folded and they brought all the ultra-arcade planes over to a ship game.

  8. nothing is more satisfying than when your BB guns actually work and punish people for their mistakes

  9. Man, everything from Texas just screams “firepower”

  10. Ah, the USS Texas, my favorite pre-WW1 dreadnought.

  11. Other players are happy to get a kill. Flambass isn’t satisfied unless he gets a kraken.

  12. Love these improvement vids. Lots of low-mid tier ships featured is a nice variation.

  13. Texas Kicking ass. GG.
    I know bad RNG is very frustrating, and it’s natural to feel hard done by, but I don’t think Flambass always acknowledges the somewhat lucky strikes!

  14. 3:00 Imagine learning that secret Flambino tech. Using your rudder & throttle at the same time.

  15. I like this series focused on raising stats of specific ships. It’s interesting because you end up playing so many random ass ships that you haven’t played in years.

  16. I can’t wait for U.S.S. Texas to get out of drydock and be reopened. I’m driving down there to check her out as soon as it is open.

  17. Have you ever found yourself in a match where every opponent is dedicated to stopping you? I’ve seen some matches where it seems a few fixate on you. But I am curious

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